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Vital Statistics!

Character NameBain Zurisene
SpeciesBlack Wolf
Height3 inches
SummaryWill type this later...Too lazy right now. :P

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack fur, some red markings in random spots on his body.
Hair ColourBlack fauxhawk. Frequently dyes it red. Sometimes white.
Eye ColourDark green.
ClothingWhite t-shirt, black hoodie(keeps hood down), dark blue jeans, usually no shoes. Also wears fingerless gloves every once in a while.
Accessories2 piercings in right ear, 1 in left ear. Has a lip ring on his bottom lip. Also has a ring with his birthstone set in it.
WeaponryNo weapons.
Special AbilitiesNo special abilities yet.
Outstanding FeaturesHas red markings in random spots on his body and tail. These are not scars, it's just part of his fur. Also has a black choke collar. Currently waiting for owner. :3

Personality & Background

PersonalityPeople and paw-loving, wuffie. Very friendly. He may look angry or upset at times, but he's never mean.
BackgroundCurrently working on it.
LikesPaws, furries(duh :P), macros, vore, music, his guitar, and his friends. :3
DislikesRap...Hip-hop...Pop...Country. Anything that doesn't encourage headbanging.
LocationEverywhere! o_o
OccupationWhenever he gets an owner(s), it's whatever that person(s) wants him to do.
Additional InfoUh... o.o;

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteFweeee!!!!

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