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Vital Statistics!

Character NameVesta
Height3 feet 4 inches
WeightDont even ask
SummaryVesta is a bit of an odd kitsune, she cant mentally control her powers. But the kitsune is incredibly friendly and loves to play with people!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourVesta is naturally white all over When she turns evil, her fur changes to black. the tips of her nine tails are each a different shade of the rainbow to tell them apart, although Vesta can change the colors up or even remove them at will.
Hair ColourVestas hair reaches down to her shoulders and glimmers in the colors of the rainbow. the color passerbys see depends on how the light is reflecting off of her hair to them. they could see red and the take a couple steps to the side and see blue hair instead.
Eye ColourSame with her hair.
ClothingA black men's suit from the 1800's that only shows off her trim figure and D sized bust as well as accentuating her eccentric nature. There is also a top hat that goes along with this that she adores.
AccessoriesHer favorite top hat that she wears almost constantly and a sword cane, awarded in an arena fight. it is magically enhanced to match her size when she changes size and should she ever lose it, it will do everything in its power to return to her hands. She also has four toe rings, one on every other toe of her paws
WeaponryThe enchanted sword cane though, she doesnt like fighting but if startled or provoked her magic can lash out unexpectedly without her control.
Special AbilitiesVesta has a full nine tails, each of which does a different thing when they are pulled on. The abilites of them are listed as follows: Vesta grows, Vesta shrinks, Vesta changes sex between M/F/H (one tail for each sex type), Vesta turns Evil, Vesta turns Good, Puller shrinks, Puller grows.
Outstanding FeaturesVestas colorful hair, eyes, and colored tips of her tail as well as her outlandish and old fashioned suit.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHer good side is not so benovelant as not purposefully inflicting pain on people unless she is in a fight. Vesta will not make someone suffer while she is good, she will just snuff them out quickly. Vesta's evil side is not so kind. The black kitsune purposefully inflicts and prolongs pain and torture on her victims, keeping them alive as long as she can and disposing of them when finished, they are toys afterall.