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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRax Traden
Age???? (but looks like he is in his early twenties)
SummaryRax... well he... he has problems, lots of problems. the people he spent time with constantly undermined his ability to do anything, which has led to his trust issues. He also has a 'alternate personality' if you will, which he aquired in a failed immortalization ritual in his rather hazy past.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPure white with a tan belly. When changed is jet black with a dark red belly
Hair ColourHe doesn't have any hair
Eye ColourSilver. Same when changed.
ClothingOften wears a short-sleeve t-shirt with an unzipped, black-and-gray hoodie and dark colored jeans.
AccessoriesAlways wears a black-beaded necklace with nine metal skulls separated by one bead.
Special AbilitiesWhen certain situations arise Rax turns into slightly taller and leaner verson of himself and another consciousness takes over. Rax would descibe it as malevolent, with an intense desire to cause harm, on the other hand it would say that it is everything Rax wants to be, whether he wants to addmit it or not. His original consciousness is still present when changed and has some influence of his actions. Rax also is rather adept at parkour (it is a secret passion of his).
Outstanding FeaturesFirst off he is very light yet he retains a tall hight.Rax walks digitgrade. He is also sometimes refered to as a lizardman, since he has many of their traits excluding his horns. When in regular form Rax has long, graceful ebony horns, but when changed they are splintered stems. Rax lacks wings in regular form but, when changing they spurt out from his back. The webbing of his wings when changed are tattered and ripped at the bottom but is still able to fly. Also when he is changed has long serrated claws.

Personality & Background

PersonalityRax is highly intellingent, but is very shy and submissive. He would rather unwilling be locked in a dark bathroom by himself for a night that go to a wild party with people he does or doesn't know. Rax talks is a deep kind of wisper which seems to add to his constant seriousness. He acts normal (whatever normal is for him) around his regular friends but, he secretly knows that they will never know how his mind is a enteral battle where darkness creeps upon him every second. Despite that fact he is extremely passive. He could be violently beaten with that being the sole factor and he would still remain that way. When changed though he has little mercy for anyone. It is very phlegmatic and revels in that fact. It has an incredilbe threshold for pain so that nothing can contain his fury.
BackgroundRax would say his clouded and troubled past was a story of a life not yet lived. At some point in time several hundred years ago a shady ritual occured that revolved around some type of evil god, but instead of the god becoming real, Rax was immortalized, or at least had his life greatly extened.
Likesbeing knowingly taken advatage of, being "persuaded", and most of all likes people to know little to nothing about him. When changed he likes suffering, being a presence of terror, and to make people wonder what happened.
Dislikeshis other pesronality, attention, and itimate situations (but don't let that stop you from doing anything). When changed he dislikes his other personality, teamwork, and simple and/or striaghtforward stituations.
OccupationCurrently is going to college, but mostly as a way to pass time and to feel somewhat normal.
Additional InfoHis mind is so constantly stressed with keeping his other personality in check that he becomes highly erratic. He is a person you must really meet to know (although it would be at his discomfort). I sometimes leave out certain details like his horns (which would make him just an anthro-lizard) or his other personality in RP situations.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"This will never end, will it?"

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