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Male form.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameAltima Carpine
SummaryMy main character, and my fursona of sorts

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark grey scales, with a light grey "patch" that stretches from his crotch, through his belly and torso, up to his chin. Has black stripes all around his body, even on his tail.
Hair ColourLight brown, with the bangs silver
Eye Colourchanges from black, to red, when he's pissed off or excited, or when entering T.D. mode.
Clothinggenerally wears tough durable jeans, thick travelling boots, and a coat, over his dusty, dark green tunic.
AccessoriesOriginally, he used to wear an ear ring with 3 runes written in an ancient combination of elvish, and draconian. The runes Stand for "strength" "belief" and "friendship". Originally, there was another rune, which connected the ear ring together, which made it a ring, except he forged it out, and smelted it into one of his weapons. That rune says "Divine wrath"
WeaponryAltima has several weapons. ------------------------------------------------------- Final Blade- A heavy buster sword, weighing nearly 2 tons. As of yet, only he, and his son can lift it, and weild it with great ease. ------------------------------------------------ spring-blade spear/extent blade- a magically modified spear. In its' sheathed form, it resembles a tiny, metal rod, that easily fits in just one hand. But when the user wields it, he can make it transform into almost any type of pole weapon, such as a spear, halberd, pike, and even a scythe. It also has the rune forged into it, which actually grants it a special power, described below. ---------------------------------------------------------- Yin and Yang- Two knives, that he uses in combat. They have this special ability to either inflict pain, or "recover" strength. Normally, both blades would hurt, and deal damage, but when altima activtes their powers, one blade saps the strength of one opponent, while the other blade transfers that stored energy to the next person it slashes. Double-edged sword, to an extent, because Altima can't use it to stab himself. --------------------------------------------------------- Dream-keeper- an element changing sword. Slightly changes form(in the terms of hilt, and hilt guard, and sometimes, the blade itself, however that is rare). when an object is truck with the blade, the element that it has at the time will be used. for example, fire element causes a minor flame to spark, ice causes ice to appear wherever it slashes, thunder produces minor shocks, which can force the opponent to spasm slightly. ------------------------------------------------------- Karma- In keeping with modern times, Altima also has a pistol modified through a combination of science and magic. This pistol uses magical bullets, and can fire repeatedly. It requires a ball of concentrated magic to reload. Each ball offers between 100-150 bullets, depending on the materials used to make it. Each bullet fires a round with can nullify an opponents powers, the amount of bullets needed depends on the amount of powers, and size of the opponent. The bullets themselves do not deal damage, per se, but it can cause people with no powers (I.e. civilians) to be knocked unconscious for a few hours.
Special AbilitiesDance of blades- Through a combination of concentration, and agility, Altima can close his eyes, and sence the trajectory of weapons, and with speed, can dodge attacks, even bullets. Also at the same time, he can strike with a weapon, hence this abilities name. ----------------------------------------------------------- T.D. mode- a double-edged sword of an ability. When cornered, or severaly weakened, or through a peak disturbance in his emotions, Altima can transform into a huge dragon, 20 feet, from head to toe, and is nearly invincible. His hide becomes impenetrable, and his attacks devastating, he attacks with no mercy, even attacking his own team, and family if they remain around him. However, he reverts after a certain amount of time, reverse proportional of how much strength he had left, or when he senses no enemies around. When he reverts back, he is in a heavily weakened state, unable to move at all. ---------------------------------------------------------- Fire Breath- Can shoot fire out of his mouth, either in large fire ball blasts, or in flame-thrower style.
Outstanding FeaturesSince birth, Altima has been able to change genders, however, he couldn't really control it until he was 12. As a gender changer, he has fully functional parts, meaning as a female, he can become impregnated. He is also very fertile, his body able to reproduce with every single being.