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Mother of the Whitewolf clan

Vital Statistics!

Character NameFlorence Shana Silverfox
SpeciesGriffin wolf
SummaryFlow is the alpha female of the whitewolf clan and elder of the silver pack. She long lost her children in the third hell wars battling dark forces. She had little choice but to safe guard the pups by sending them to earth by portal. She now struggles in her raven caves trying to sense where her children are but there are strange dark forces working agents her.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourFlows fur is white like a angles and her feathers on her wings pure silver.
Hair ColourNever seen in human form but might be silver.
Eye ColourMystic blue almost angelic
ClothingA type of priestess robes and clothing dress that hugs her form shaping her body. All dressed out in silvers gold’s and whites a nimble of purity.
AccessoriesBone earrings and jewelry with tribal elder markings and symbols.
WeaponryHer claws fangs and wings.
Special AbilitiesFlow is master of the elements and knows its secrets and how to utilize them.
Outstanding FeaturesHer wisdom is the most outstanding of her other then the sparkle of her pure angle like wings.

Personality & Background

PersonalityCaptive and understanding her love is motherly and embracing. She is wise trustful and sharing. Flow rather make peace the n war if she can help it.
BackgroundLittle is known of Flow but she comes from a well respected background and her clans are traders and travelers she’s one of the few who wonder out as warriors and adventurers. Flow also takes a spring water that keeps her young as she was long ago in a time forgotten or never seen.
LikesFlow likes wildlife and things all earthy. Her mind go’s to those in need and enjoys helping or a open heart. Her ways are peaceful and neutering she looks for these quality’s in others always.
DislikesFlow hats war violence and those who hurt the innocent and weak. She will not stand for bullies or murderous killers. She’s known to stand for those who can’t themselves.
LocationThe raven caves in the black woods by the spring of life.
OccupationElder and healer also adviser and a traveling wise women also a caring guide
Additional InfoFlow is mother to Slasher and a few others that will be added in the storyline as the comic go’s.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteI come to see with eyes pure those I hate