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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKevin L. Solaris
SpeciesDemon Wolf
SummaryKevin L. Solaris is a Demon Wolf. He has four forms which he changes more often then you change socks. The first is his true form: a Wolven Anthro. Following this, he has a human form, and two wolf forms. The Wolven Anthro form is a humanoid wolf with all black fur. He stands 6' 3" at a weight of 177 pounds. The Human form stands at 5' 10" and weighs 146 lbs. The Wolf (Full Grown) form stands at 3' 9" and weighs around 76 lbs. The Wolf (Pup) form stands at 1' 2" and weighs 25 lbs, by far the cutest of his forms.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWolven Anthro: Jet Black Fur. Human: Caucasian. Wolf (Full Grown): Jet Black Fur. Wolf (Pup): Gray fur with a white messy stripe down his back roughly 1/3rd the width of his back, stopping at the base of the tail. White "sock" style paws and a white tip on his tail and ears.
Hair ColourBlack in both Human and Wolven Anthro, the only difference is length. In his Human form it is a 1mm crewcut; in Wolven Anthro form it is your classic anime style hairat roughly 5 inches in length.
Eye ColourGray/Silver in Human and Wolf (Pup) forms. Red/Crimson in Wolf (Full Grown) and Wolven Anthro forms.
ClothingHuman form: Tripp pants and a black straight jacket with the sleves unhooked from the back. Wolven Anthro form: Black jeans and a red fishnet top.
AccessoriesHe wears a black spiked collar in his Wolven Anthro and Human forms as well as a set of spiked bracelets and some sweatbands. Only other accessory is a gun tucked in his pyramid studded belt.
WeaponrySmith and Wesson 1911 .38 Super.
Special AbilitiesHis only special ability is to change between his 4 forms. However, his high athleticism and ability to preform at super human statistics an speed, reflex, stealth, strength, eyesight, smell, and his keen analytical sense of any combat situation may be considered "Special Abilities" by some, but not by him.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe is a very anti-social guy, despite his efforts. Kevin sees society as a plague that diseases the best of us and turns us all into superficial monstrocities, thus, he stands back from the "Popular Crowd" to avoid risking his individuality. He also hates every one he does not know for the sheer reason of "It gives me something to do on the weekends" as he puts it. Kevin is a very easily scared kid when it comes to women. He is very reserved, does not pounce or talk to them much, thus he has found himself feeling safe with other men. While Kevin will gladdly engage in sexual activity with other men, he will also do so with women, in the end, Kevin is Bisexually Oriented. Kevin's number one weakness? A sensative, caring, protective woman, for that is all he wants in life.
BackgroundKevin was abandoned by his mother at a young age and tourmented by women. They abused him physically, sexually, mentally, and emotionally; which happens to be the reason for his temperment towards women.
LikesWomen, men, guns, violence, blood, energy drinks, vampires, other wolves, dragons, VORE (especially when it incolves him being the one consumed), and snuggling up by the fire with some one he cares for.
DislikesStupid people, society, and those that complain but do nothing about it.
LocationUh...anywhere he pleases.
OccupationAssassin and all around "sexy time party goer".
Additional InfoHe loves sugar, don't give him any!

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteBite me!

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