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This is the recent pic of her, but I'll draw another one once I get done with other artworks.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameLinvar Vandale
SpeciesRabbit anthromorph(human/rabbit) but pure dragon if she wears her dragon ring
SummaryWhite fluffy rabbit ears, light tannish skin. And no flufffy tail xD;, she wears basically, skirt, dress, or a one piece clothing with a jacket.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite tannish skin and white furry bunny ears. *peachy pink scales and yellow belly*
Hair ColourPink
Eye ColourBrown
ClothingPurple one piece clothing with a white jacket with blue lining, sometimes wears a skirt or dress. (now she wears a skirt uniform*
AccessoriesSometimes wearing a gold cross. However, she always wears a blue ribbon down almost at her hair and sometimes it's red.
WeaponryFencing sword, double edge sword, or a basically a sword that isn't large but in dragon mode she carries a rather large angel sword almost big as her!
Special AbilitiesDragon-mode: Only if she wears her dragon ring to enhance her strength, defence and magic however; she lowers her speed alittle bit.

Holy cross: Attacks in a cross shaped using her sword.

Revolution*Valkyrie mode*: Changes her sword into a bit bigger yet powerful sword and dives in her enemy aiming the tip of the blade at them.

Judicial Angel: The highest commanding angel level.

Heal: Heals hp/vitality any character.

Recovery: Cures status problems.

Angel feathers*Dragon and Valkyrie form*: Launches feather like directly at the enemy.

Holy blessing: Increases stats by 10%.

Holy water: Throws a blessed water at a demon, devil, or any dark creature. At has an acidic affect towards evil beings.

Crucify: Purified the creature, race, or person and banish the evil.

Holy Cross: A powerful holy sword skill that shaped as a cross that damages the enemy.

Holy Star: There's two skills of them one is raining stars or a holy swordmanship that shaped as a star. Both can very damaging however the raining stars can deal all enemies while the sword skill can do damage when there's group or single monster at it's place.

Outstanding FeaturesSupportive royal knight(princess in the first story) who's doing anything to do good deeds and help other people.

Personality & Background

PersonalitySweet, motherly, cute, stubburn, innocent, loyal, emotional, and shy
Background Linvar is apparently an adopted child(her blood mother die do to suicide) from a king, however the king was sick while his blood daughter went missing. Her foster father then sent her a mission to find the princesss, but then things have changed after she partied with Lax, Jailen, and some other friends she knew.

After defeating the grim angel, Linvar is actually dead however was revived by angel Valkyrie who gave her a second chance to live and allowing Linear be one with her. Lax and Linvar broke up and now is having a relationship with Kaze who is apparently her guardian dragon.

LikesKaze, Lilies*flower*, flowers, sweet things, cute things, pretty things, animals, and kind people.
DislikesAnything that is bad, mean people, rude people, and sad things. Kaze being tooo affectionate.
LocationThe royal place of Shalon(story 1) and Windia(story 1 different version)
OccupationRoyal Knight and queen/princess.