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Turquoise eyes, bluish greyish fur, purple hair.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameLax
SummaryAlways wearing a trenchcoat and always showing off his chest, and a ring to make a ponytail. Has a bit of a southern accent and wears jeans.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBluish and greyish fur.
Hair ColourPurple hair.
Eye ColourTurquoise
ClothingLong trench coat*white, black with blue or gold linen* and jeans
AccessoriesMostly wearing his gold cross and a ring to hold his long hair and always wears a single earring on his right ear.
WeaponryTwo gold guns, and pretty much makes his own bullets.
Special AbilitiesElemento Bullet: Shoots out pretty much any element bullet for example he wants to shoot a fire bullet he'll say, "Flambo bullet!"

Night Claw: Unleashes his long sharpening claws and strike the enemy.

Tornado kick: Throws in a very powerful sharp kick.

Double electric boom!: Big balls of electricity launched at the enemy.

Berserk: Turns red and immediately goes out of control.

Outstanding FeaturesGreat accurately, however he will waste his bullets by shooting it a bunch of times.

Personality & Background

PersonalityRoughneck, protective around his sister, crude, flirtatious(only if he's single but other than that he's very flirty over Linvar), and sly. Plus aggressive around men(oftenly Kaze).
BackgroundWhen he was a young orphan who was adopted by the church, the sisters took care of him and he was quite a trouble maker. Lax then found that everyone was dead and saw the demon who killed his what he calls his family. Seeking to end the monster who would dare kill his family.

He was also cursed by the demon turning himself as a wolf. But he not only his instincts and senses improved but, he stayed in his werewolf form even though he killed the demon.

Lax then adopted a sister of his own, a chinese snow leopard faerie. Who speaks very little english while he was out trying to search for the demon. He then hire a small writing dragon to help translate what she's saying.

LikesCute girls, his gun, Linvar, Jailen, meaty foods, God*Jesus Christ*, his family, friends.
DislikesGreedy people, people who acts like they're better than any other people, and people who acts like an ass. Kaze
OccupationDemon Hunter