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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTyco (TyrannoZilla)
SpeciesUnknown, genetic project reptile-based
Age29 (8)
Weight80 lbs
SummaryA small, thin anthro-dragon-lizard with bionic devices attached from head to belly. For the important details, check the profile is you so please.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourThe majority of Tyco's skin is light green, with a snake scale like texture. His throat is soft like and alligators and is bright yellow in color.
Hair ColourHe has frills on his head and neck that are pale yellow in color.
Eye ColourNormally his eyes are turquoise in color with a dark purple pupil, but when he becomes "Tyrannozilla" they turn bright red and yellow.
ClothingTyco likes polo shirts, camp shirts and button/zip shirts so he can adjust how he wears them. Usually wears sweatpants or tearaways (shape changes often, and would rather not destroy good clothes) Clawed feet generally don't fit well into shoes.
AccessoriesHe wears his bio-stabilizers during the time, as they are partially attached to him. the purpose of the bio-stabilizers(supressors) is to remove his enormous and constant hunger, prevent hyperactive cellular division/metabolism(growth 'n all that) and the dark and evil personality that is Tyrannozilla.
WeaponryTyco does not carry weapons, and is a pacifist. Tyrannozilla, on the other hand, will use whatever it takes to get what he wants.
Special AbilitiesThe main ability that Tyco possesses is that even though he has bone, muscle, scales and appears "normal" he has no real internal organs aside from a stomach cavity- for every ounce of substance Tyco consumes, he gains that ounce and a half in body mass. Because the more he grows the hungrier hes gets, it can very easily spiral out of control. That is why Tyco is obsessive about "being in control" of himself and constantly checks on his suppressors that prevent him from going wild. However it seems that the suppressors were not well made and are prone to failure. Also suspiciously enough, they seem to fail when ever a large outside interest has much to gain... I think this article sums up the mentality of the ability http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/CursedWithAwesome
Outstanding FeaturesWhen Tyco becomes Tyrannozilla he seems to come in three "flavors": Protein: When Tyrannozilla eats a lot of (or only) meat or vegetable protein, he becomes a towering hulk of a monster with massive limbs and a solid torso. Fat: If Tyrannozilla eats a ton of fatty or sugary food he takes a blubbery, rotund form. Carbo:Somehow, if Tyrannozilla consumes a ton of food that is all carbohydrates, he becomes long, sharp and fast. His limbs are spindly, claws elongated and has a large belly.

Personality & Background

PersonalityEasygoing, sympathetic, and a little shy. Because of his dark alter-ego, he is wary when out in public. However, once Tyrannozilla takes over, his personality warps to a gluttonous, evil and callous monster bent on getting his way. Then people get really scared!
BackgroundTyrannozilla was an apha test experimental biological weapon created to be set loose and consume cities and country-sides. With memories sythisized to meet certain ends, a general personality appeared and took up the name Tyco. Initial tests proved very successful, and the mysterious creators made the suppressors to keep Tyco small for control and demonstrations. However, funding was cut after the lead scientist was killed by the beta test weapon created after Tyco, and he narrowly escaped by the chaos that ensued.
LikesTyco does not really know what he likes, but he enjoys peoples company.
DislikesBeing alone. It hurts him to be lonely, but his fear of getting close to people and having them reject him once they learn about him (or if he were to accidentally hurt someone) overcomes this.
LocationThe facility that he was created in was in northern Illinois, but once it closed he moved to what used to be Obeseton, Alabama. After that incident, he moved to Porktown, Mississippi. After another accident there he decided to move from one friends house to the other.
OccupationUnemployed. He cant really show up on tax records, so he does random jobs for cash.

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