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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLavendyr "Ven" Irio Wildcat
SpeciesSabretooth Lynx
Height4 Foot 7 Inches
Weight83 Pounds
SummaryRefer to Crymson Irio Wildcat's Profile as most traits are the same, though some are different so read down. http://furbase.bigfurs.com/display.php?id=3281

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourVen attains traits from both the Eurasian Lynx and Sabretooth Tiger. Her fur is mostly a dirty orange colour with darker brown stripes down her back. The tips of her ears are black and her tail too has a few inches of black fur that reaches to the tip. The front of her body is a lighter pale orange-white as a one-peice swimsuit shape that starts from her chin, down her neck over her chest and belly and down the insides of her legs to her knees.
Hair ColourVen's hair is simply white with a few streaks of orange in it.
Eye ColourVen's eyes are blood red as well, the only similar feature Crymson and Lavendyr have.
ClothingMostly girl stuff. Though she also wears little clothing. But she wears netting, stockings, skirts and shirts.
AccessoriesA black collar around her neck with a single loop at the front.
WeaponryHer fangs and claws.
Special AbilitiesCamouflage, she can become invisible for short periods of time, mostly around 10-20 seconds. She becomes fully visible if bumped into or touched.
Outstanding FeaturesHer pair of Sabretooth 4 inch fangs and slightly longer tail.