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Myrael at winter time. (Jan 09)

Vital Statistics!

Character NameMyrael Constantine
SpeciesArctic Vixen (Vulpes lagopus)
SummaryCasual Arctic vixen,she is mostly found at some regions on the second life world. You can get in by Spaceship or Space shuttle. Tickets are sold at the NASA Public Communications Office in Washington and online at Secondlife.com

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colour- Primary Color (the colour on most of the body): White - Secondary Color (patch on the belly and tailtip): Light gray - Sock color: Gray - Paw pad color: Light pink - Claw color: black
Hair ColourNatural White
Eye ColourOuter light blue and inner dark brown
ClothingMostly black and gray clothes, mainly seen with her favourite red paw shirt and camo pants.
AccessoriesShe wear most of the time her wireframe glasses black colored, various belts, mainly bare pawed, she don't like piercings and tattoo. She rarely wear a cap and sunglasses but can be found with arm warmers, a collar and a rotating armband.
Special AbilitiesShe can cook very well dishes, always motivated to help, she is strong enough to build and repair various systems. She is not that much skilled but learn fast.
Outstanding FeaturesShe can freeze (time stop) all physical items, log out weak persons, and such other similar badass features.

Personality & Background

PersonalityCalm, she is mostly out of the whole thing called life, always relativizing every drama, she mainly laugh or stand still bored out of her mind.
BackgroundShe is born in Europe, the first February 1982 at Xion Warbase in the country of Cupcake. She still live there. She met Tydrian walking in the shattered lands when she was 14. He gave her the carrying of a father as she never knew her parents. Now living a peacefully life, she met Juste in a local club, he can be found helping her on her homework.
LikesFoods, clothes, internet, loud noises, DnB and progressive house, blue, summer time, laziness, cuddles, building, dancing,...
Dislikestake decisions, sleeping, hard gay, rainbow as patriotic color, most people, ...
LocationSecret bunker of Cupcake country on the Secondlife planet. get in: - In world, request a teleport lure to Cupcake. - From Earth, Contact the NASA Public Communications Office for the knew monthly shuttles - From another location, please visit secondlife.com for further information.
OccupationHalf time cook on a regular restaurant, she mainly just stay at home.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteKaet face lol, a cat is fine too,Have you ever wondered which hurts the most: saying something and wishing you had not, or saying nothing, and wishing you had?

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