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Reality is a figment of the world's imagination made manifest

Vital Statistics!

Character NameImmortal_Vanguard
Height6 foot 3 inches
Weight190 lbs

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight brown chestfur, starting from tailtip and traveling to underneath his chin. The rest of his fur is a middle-shade of brown, save the runes on his body, which are silver in color and shininess.
Hair ColourThe same color as most of his body - middle-shade of brown. It's also quite mussy and tangled.
Eye ColourDull Grey
ClothingEither khaki cargo shorts and an 'I [club] Cheaters' T-shirt, or Full-length, button-down camouflage button-zipper pants, and black T-shirt with 'No I Will Not Fix Your Computer' written on it.
AccessoriesSilver medallion around neck: One side has a wolf, the other the Runic Symbol of Higher Self. Also, metallic bracers on each wrist, made of something resembling a combination of small tank treads and replicator blocks (See: Stargate SG-1)
WeaponryBamboo Staff, Integrated Armor 'Runic.A', Runic abilities
Special AbilitiesIV has the genetic ability to create and manipulate Norse runes of power. Some of them adorn his body, while a majority are either willed into action, drawn on a being's body, or drawn in midair and then thrown at an object or being. For the latter two, a link is created between IV and the target, allowing him to transmit even more powers to the target.

-----A List of IV's oft-used powers-----
-Rune of Knowledge (Displayed on forehead) Allows the Rune-Wolf access to the entirety of the world's knowledge on a subject.
-Rune of Protection (Displayed on chest) Creates an invisible shield - form-fit along the wolf's body - that negates kinetic and potential energies.
-Rune of Strength (Displayed on upper arms) Enhances IV's strength
-Rune of Speed (Displayed on upper thighs) Enhances IV's speed
-Rune of Balance (Displayed on back) Not known to most, this rune was willed onto his body after he created a rune based on one of the seven sins - Wrath. The rune of balance seals the powers of the seemingly self-aware rune inside IV, preventing anyone from being harmed by it ever again
-Rune of Change: Allows IV to shrink, grow, and shift form.
Outstanding FeaturesRunic symbols adorning his body, each respective of their areas (runes of strength on the arms, speed on legs, knowledge on forhead, ect)

Personality & Background

PersonalityQuite relaxed, even among those who normally could turn him into a red smear on the ground. He takes life one step at a time, or one sip at a time, since he seems to have something for well-made Hot Cocoa.
LikesSleeping, Relaxing, Teleporting onto someone's head/shoulders/muzzle, macro/micro play, soft vore, just about every music genre, paws.
DislikesHaving to rebuild places he likes. Hard vore. Being turned into a red smear.
OccupationDrifter/Jack of all trades

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteSuresure

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