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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRunic.A
SpeciesIntegrated Armor
Height11 feet
Weightapprox 1 tonne
SummaryPhysical Description: The Runic.A resembles the Endeavion M1 almost exactly, as it was the basis for the chassis of the Runic.A. This IA is designed specifically for quick, up-close combat with the option for a long-range alternative. Armor plating keeps the systems and pilot of the IA protected, whereas non-essential areas aren't as armored.

Outward Appearance

WeaponryFixed Weapon: Lightning Gauntlets: The hands of the Runic.A house a superconductor-like device that draws energy from the suit, and releases it in either an arc-like form, or on contact with another conductor. (1 round to charge)

CIWS Machineguns: shoulder mounted

Optional/Handheld Weapons: 1x OptixRifle (Treat as Sniper Rifle with HUD link. 6rnd Clip, AP rounds)

Arsena Sword

Defensive Systems: Diffusion Barrier Emitter x1
Special AbilitiesRunic Drive: System that allows for the integration of the runic abilities of Immortal_Vanguard into the suit itself. These abilities are, however, limited to the strength and speed runes, as all the others are too high-power to use. Even with the low-power runes, the drain is triple that of the normal rune usage. Can be combined with the power of the suit, making drain 1.5x the usual, but doing so prevents use of the Lightning Gauntlets.

Weaknesses: Drawing power for the Lightning Gauntlets knocks maneuverability down to Moderately Agile. This can be countered with the use of the Runic Drive, though at an increased amount of drain, more so than when not charging. Other sub-systems are likewise affected during charging.
Outstanding FeaturesVehicle name: Runic.A

Model number: GR.IA-4523 Runic.A

Pilot: Gabr'el "Immortal_Vanguard" Runekote

Chassis type: Integrated Armor

Size type: SS (Super Small)

Armor type: Very Light

Maneuverability: Extremely Agile**

Control system: Neurosensory Interface (arm caches)