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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTyrone Spencer
Weight115 (also variable)
Summary[Note: the Summary page is intended for short summaries, not long verbose reels of information that belong in the other categories.]

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourOrange fur with black stripes and a white underbelly. The tips of his fingers and toes are dipped in white.
Hair ColourBlack, shoulder length hair.
Eye ColourGreen
ClothingA tight, baby blue baby T-shirt that rides up and exposes a very thin, almost frail belly. Cutoff jeans that hug his oversized, wide hips and a pair of flip flops that adorn his feet.
AccessoriesA set of plastic bracelets on his wrists, an anklet on his left leg, a small, silver stud just under his lip and a few various toerings.
WeaponryUnless claws count, nothing. Not much of a fighter.
Special AbilitiesHe likes to keep them on the hush but, thanks to bestowed abilities courtesy of a merciful hyena, he does have them. Ask away. ;)
Outstanding FeaturesDespite being thin, certain parts of his body are exaggerated: oversized hands and feet and wide, child bearing hips.

Personality & Background

PersonalityGiggly, bubbly, and quite hedonistic. He loves being pampered and rarely will return the favour unless he really likes you... or if you offer something major in return. You won't usually see Tyrone in a sour mood due to the silver lining approach that he takes on life. That and at his whim he could always make someone's day far worst than whatever his would be.
BackgroundHis life was uneventful. At least until he was trapped in the middle of two macros' play. A giant, growing hyena and cougar shattered his idea of reality and the tiger hasn't been able to thank them enough. It all started with a shower... or at least finishing one. The city he resided in had been used to the presence of macros before, so the shuddering building never really made him think twice; that is before a dreadlocked head burst through his floor, netting Tyrone a treat's eye view of the hyena. He's seen the hungry look on his face before, but only on dogs prior to devouring a treat for trick's sake. However, he found himself rolling down his chest and spared that fate for the sole purpose of his entertaining the two. Since that day, he's been enthralled with those of a larger/smaller size and hasn't looked back since.
LikesFor "other" things, just ask. But he loves music, boys, movies, boys, good food and, oh yeah.... meat.
DislikesNot much. You'll know if/when he encounters it.
LocationCity of Riverdale
OccupationStudent and an apprentice to a resident demigod.

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