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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAia
SpeciesKing Cobra
AgeAncient, Undead
Height7 feet from head to ground typically but total body length is 25 feet
WeightYou really want to try?
SummaryAia is an ancient size vampire who loves to have fun and play with others, whether it be shrinking them and toying with them or growing them spontaneously or even just cuddles and beyond. her old age and undeadness certainly has not put a dampner on her view of life!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourAias scales are a dark display of blue, dark green and black that intertwine with eachother in seemingly random patterns across her entire body looking like an intricate mosaic. The inside of the hood however looks like a pair of massive deep red and malicious slit pupiled eyes.
Hair ColourNo hair, but Aia does have a hood like most cobras that can extend several feet on either side of her head and neck.
Eye ColourA glowing red that looks not all that different from burning coals.
ClothingNone, rather hard to find clothes for a serpentine body. her colorful scales certainly make up for it though!
WeaponryAias teeth are able to suck the size from her victims or inject a potent growth venom that she makes internally when she sucks size from her victims.
Special AbilitiesAia has four large fangs, two on each jaw. These fangs are able to both suck size from the target and inject or even spit growth venom out as well. The fangs are in a controlled state of transience. Aia can make them solid but or incorporeal. when they are incorpreal they can suck size but not release venom. When they are solid they can release venom but not suck size. Also the venom has a mild healing and anasthetic quality to it that numbs the point of penetration and heals it rapidly after the fangs retract. As a vampire, Aia also has the ability to fly. Since she is more a snake than anything else she can turn into a smaller armless King Cobra that is pure black but not a bat.
Outstanding FeaturesThe fangs are rather large although Aia keeps them hidden most of the time. The scales are rather beautiful and look like an intricate tile mosaic, plus she keeps good care of them so they always shine. Aia's hood, when deployed is a very striking feature especially since some have claimed the 'eyes' were looking into their very souls. Aia has never revealed if the eyes have any abilities and will stay away form the subject alltogether.

Personality & Background

PersonalityMischevious for the most part. Not always kind to strangers but once she gets to know them she becomes more affectionate and even protective of some, especially smaller friends. Messing with one of her friends is just asking for a fight from her.