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Vital Statistics!

Character NameHope
SpeciesNinetales morph
Height500 feet (If not Macro she is 6 foot)
WeightThat’s a question you don’t ask a lady
SummaryHope has light dark silver fur with dark green, emerald eyes. She has an alluring build as well as sensual. She has rather voluptuous breasts which are a 38D. Her tails are long and slightly bushy and well groomed with different charms placed in them, usually micros or things she liked. She usually wears a notably sweet smile when she is not mad. She is very out going and knows what she wants. When she is angered fire has a tendency to spill out from between her scarlet lips. At this point its best to run as she loves to stomp on things smaller then her, especially the feeling of power over another, be it a micro or a smaller macro. She enjoys to be pampered and have her tantalizing foot paws rubbed as well as treated like how a queen’s would be.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Coloursilver fur with long elegant tails that have a dark blue tips
Hair ColourShe has long black hair that goes down close to the start of her tails with blue highlights on the tips of her hair. Her bangs also are worn pass her right eye.
Eye ColourDark, emerald eyes that seem to look right into your soul.
ClothingHope likes to wear an elegant dress that has a circle cut out where her cleavage would be. The lower part of her dress moves to the side revealing her right leg completely and from her mid back ot her shoulders is completely uncovered. She loves wearing either open toed high heel sandals that are 5 fee(5 inches when normal)t tall (which would be a normal height to her) that are black, as well as wearing white flip flops. When she’s not in her dress she is usually wearing a tube top and a mini skirt both black, white, or a mix of both. She also enjoys lying around naked or just being bare pawed.
AccessoriesShe wears a toe ring on her second toe on her right foot paw and one on her third toe on her left foot paw, both are platinum. She wears a golden anklet around her right ankle that has a ruby chain dangling from it. She also wears a silver ring on her index finger on her right hand. As well as silver nipple rings on her nipples. A black chocker with sapphires etched into it is around her neck. She wears diamond ear rings as well. At times she will use micros as jewelry. Has bright pink with white tip claws
WeaponryJust her fire and body temperature
Special AbilitiesShe is just able to use her natural fire
Outstanding FeaturesHer dark, emerald green eyes, her tantalizing paws, and her voluptuous breasts. Her curvy body and her high body heat that can reach dangerous temperatures. She has cum like lava. She also has a nice, full, jiggly rear. Her nine beautiful tails

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery dominate, she knows what she wants and will get it. She loves showing her dominance and just having a good time with herself. She could be called a sadistic bitch.
BackgroundWhen she was born she was a rather large vulpix. She was around 25 pounds and her birth killed her mother. Her mothers dying breathe was naming her, she named her Hope. She grew up with her father somewhat resenting her, but also was his object of affection. She grew up with the hate from her siblings as she was the cause of her mothers death, but as well as their father they couldn’t help but to have an undying affection for her. The clash of emotions she felt from others caused her to become out going to seek affection and acceptance from others, as well as causing her anger to grow from her miss treatment. By doing so she grew to have a very powerful temper which at times would cause her siblings, who were all smaller then her, to be injured, some even killed. When she became the age of 13 she was already 200 feet tall, she became more out going as her height gave her more self confidence. It was hard for to get clothes as she ended up making her own. At that time she only had 2 siblings left out of 7, she had accidentally killed them in a fit of rage or stepped on them by accident. Her father was still alive as he never did anything to anger her. In the end she became a ninetales, which caused her temper to grow worst then it was, as well as her already out going personality. She was still a very sweet girl though. Finally when she became 19 her father had passed away, her sibling had left in fear from her, she was left alone in the end. The feeling of being a banded by her dead father and the surviving sibling darkened her mood. She had decided she'd only look out for herself and only truly care about herself. If she got friends she'd probably warm up to them. She gained the habit of smoking which helped her calm down at times. Plus she enjoyed the smokey taste. As time continued she learned to either be just 6 feet tall or her normal 500 feet.
LikesHaving her feet pampered, warm temperatures, messing with micros, like burning them under her cigarette or her danger body temperature. She loves the feeling of power it gave.
DislikesThe cold, water that is too deep for her. Micros that don't know their place, or people that don't know to respect her.
Location Wherever she feels like being.
OccupationYour mistress
Additional InfoShe has a very bad temper and angers easily.

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