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A young vixen and mother of 14.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameLilly Foxx
SpeciesVixen Shapeshifter
Age20 human years
Height3 feet at the shoulder 6 feet nose to rump, 3 foot tails, 12 foot wingspan
Weight200 lb
SummaryA young vixen who recently became a mother of 9 kits and has adopted a Vulpix as her own.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDeep auburn fur with white chest, crest and tail tips and White wings
Hair ColourSilvery white
Eye ColourBright shiny Amber
ClothingPink Collar and a Pink Ribbon tied around her right tail and a Blue ribbon tied around her left tail
WeaponryClaws and teeth to scratch and bite, Wings and tails that double as bludgeon weapons also elemental magic, Fire, ice, Lightning and Earth/plants
Special AbilitiesShapeshifter, able to take on any form with a conscious mind and able to transform other beings with direct contact... Shift resistance, is unable to be hypnotized or fooled by illusion, also immune to poison and most minor diseases, cannot be knocked out with drugs and is not affected by status changing magical spells (poison, paralysis, freezing, burns ect) also unaffected by werewolf bites, and other magical transformation... Minor magic, simple elemental magic... Mother's instinct and maternaty, can sense emotions more acutely than normal, and will take anyone in need into the family and care for them like he own...
Outstanding FeaturesMassive maternal instincts, loving and caring demeanor, Bright intelligent eyes and open an honest face.

Personality & Background

Personalityvery kind and loves to help others, has a fiery determination and never gives up, she will defend her kits with all she has to give, is also very maternal towards those in need and will give loving attention to those who want it,
BackgroundHas a shady background which she refuses to talk about it, preferring to live in the present.
Likesmeeting new people and showering them with affection, and playing in the snow (and will summon some if there isnt any around)
DislikesBeing tied up or forced from her kits, will viciously attack anyone who tries.
Locationforests of south Wales

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