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Vital Statistics!

Character NameZeru Inaki
Age18(in his breed's years)
Weight200lb of pure muscle
SummaryZeru's full name means "sky fire" for obvious reasons in his abilities, unlike most manticores, Zeru is not an anthro' his only form is feral, he does not have a human-like face, his face and body is similar to a lion's, his fur of a crimson color, and his thick mane a blood red, his front legs actually have a webbing on it, that allows him to fly(those that play Monster hunter, his front legs are like the wings of tigrex, if you don't play it, than just look up a picture of him), his horns similar to a bull's, at the base and curve slightly just to point forward, and finally his tail, a slightly dark grey color, plated and armed with a stinger like a scorpions tail

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourcrimson and blood red
Hair Colourblood red mane
Eye Colourcrystal blue
Clothinga feral beast has no need for clothing
Weaponryclaws, three rows of teeth, and scorpion-like stinger
Special Abilitiesfire breath, acid breath, immense speed and strength, paralysis poison, invulnerable until removal of tail, his mane able to erect into quills and launch them like arrows, able to flood an area just by stepping into a stream
Outstanding Featuresi suppose only thing that separates him from other manticores is his face is lion-like instead of human-like

Personality & Background

Personalitylazy, snuggly and affectionate (to everyone so don't think he has a crush or anything)
Background(still thinking of one)
Likesreally anything that doesn't irritate him
Dislikespressure, tugging at horns wings and tail

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