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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCaptain Q
SpeciesRed Wolf
Height6 ft 0 in.
Weight220 lbs
SummaryAbout 6 feet tall, with white on red markings. He is an imposing mass of muscle and fur, but not ridiculously so...why is he carrying a 3-ring binder? He has plantigrade feet and human-like hands, both sporting "paw pads" as well as short, trimmed and dulled claws.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourQ's fur is a dark red with white underbelly, as well as white fur covering the front of his neck and most of his face in a kind of mask. Red fur splits the mask down the middle between his eyes and down the top of his muzzle to his nose. His tail is completely red, and his hands and feet have black "paw pads."
Hair ColourQ has no hair on his head other than fur.
Eye ColourGold.
ClothingJeans and T-shirt. Boxers, if you must know.
AccessoriesAn old, beat up metal 3-ring binder with nothing inside. It's seen years of abuse, but somehow remains intact.
WeaponrySee Accessories.
Special AbilitiesQ's strength, durability and agility is nothing short of supernatural...but that may be expected. Regenerates quickly, does not bleed. He also does not need food, water, or respiration. Immune to disease, corrosive and radioactive materials, as well as extreme heat and cold. Super-resistant to most particle, projectile and nanoweaponry. Can survive indefinitely on most environments assuming the existence of an atmosphere. Can survive underwater indefinitely. Can function in deep space vacuum for four to six hours depending upon the environment he was in prior to the vacuum, after which he reverts to a frozen stasis and must be thawed. Makes a mean chocolate chip cookie.
Outstanding FeaturesAside from being borderline musclebound, None.

Personality & Background

PersonalityQ is reserved and quiet, but gentle and friendly. Wears a smile most of the time, speaks when spoken to.
BackgroundSomething about clones, a war, angels, demons, and a dragon. Best to just ask him.
LikesFriends, honesty, and a good workout. Good conversation. An occasional snuggle with friends and others he trusts. Art. Pasta. Women.
DislikesLiars, leeches, people who demand attention. Debates that end up being arguments. Arrogance.
LocationEarth. Usually.
Additional InfoHe is known to draw art for people, but does not take requests.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteIt is not that easy, but it is that simple.