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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSiorus
SpeciesLiger (Anthro)
Height6ft 7in (2m)
Weight258lbs (117Kg)
SummaryStanding a respectable 79 inches tall, Siorus is-perhaps predictably, given his species-a rather large kitty. He is in good shape, with well-defined muscles beneath his fur, though he is not by any means a 'muscle fur' or anything of that nature; simply a healthy, young male cat.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSiorus is rather unique as ligers go as he has black fur rather than the cream/brown that is more typical of his species. He does have faint spots on his head and stripes on his body, but like with other black cats, these markings are so dark as to only be visible under certain lighting conditions.
Hair ColourHe does not have any hair per se, just the normal fur on his head.
Eye ColourGolden yellow.
ClothingTypically, he wears a faded, well-worn pair of black jeans and a slightly tight gray tee shirt.
Special AbilitiesDoes sarcasm count? What about being a smartass?

Personality & Background

PersonalityThough a bit reserved-tending towards aloof, on some days, in fact-Siorus is really a nice, friendly guy. He's willing to lend an ear when people need to talk, and tries to offer help and advice when he can, if it's requested.
LikesSiorus enjoys debates and discussions about things like politics, philosophy, morality questions, religion, etc., and he has at least a passing interest in most scientific fields of study. One of his favorite places to be is in temperate rainforests; he loves walking through the woods after a rainstorm, or in the cool of an early morning before the fog has burned off and everything is still covered in mist. In fact, he enjoys the rain in general and particularly enjoys curling up in front of a fire with a good book or his pet on cold, gray, wet days. He also likes classic stereo equipment and most types of music, computers, cars and photography.
DislikesUnjustified arrogance, people that have to be right all the time even when they're wrong, people that throw around vocabulary that they clearly do not understand and come up with fantastic stories to try to impress other people, pointless arguments and immaturity and childishness in general.
OccupationNetwork Administrator