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Vital Statistics!

Character NameBen
Age3 years
Height31 incehs (length) 43 inches with tail
Weight7.3 pounds

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourFull cout of dark gray, almost black on top of the body. Has little brown where expected and the lighter aareas are grey to white. The lighter tail rings are gray with a fiant hint of yellow and the mask portion of the face is white. Leg fur is a medium gray.the eye patches are compelty black and the midle strip of the mask is as black as the back hair.
Hair Colour A littiel bit lighter then the top of the body hair but darke then the sideds toward the back. It merges smoothly to the white of the mask.
Eye ColourThe eyes are black sheres that reflect light when a lgith is shined upon them. It can see jsut as good at night with a minimal amount of light as in a welll lighted room. With more light then this however it;s vision starts to deteriorate
ClothingNone :-)
AccessoriesSomtimes caries objectiecs with him but not often.
WeaponryHis teath and claws havn;t failed him yet. They also havn;t bene tested (witht he exception of juvinial play fighting) either.
Outstanding FeaturesIs skinny and has a higher udercoat to guard hair ratio then most eastern raccons. The wiskers are darker them most and of normal length. These diferences usualy cannot be seen by non raccoons. It has 7 rings in it;s tail.

Personality & Background

PersonalityWhiel beign wild this raccoon was seperated form it;s family at 6 weeks. A friendly group of humans helped it to sruvive the remainder of it's first year. This has resulted ina creature that is friendlier towards humans and is generaly more afectionate. Also, whiel it can;t speek any human language, it has developed soem form of primitive comunication wiht humans. It uses ficail movments to try and help cmunicate what it;s chirps and other noises mean when interacting with humans. It semas to e able to undertand soem language however it may be reflcting mroe ot tones and facial exprecions. Whiel frindly with humans it is indepenant and wil nto tolerate being keped as a traditional pet though it may chose to live with a human or gorup of hums for a time. It is naturaly curious abotu a lot. Whiel humans can convince it not to be curious abotu a particular set of thigs it will explore and find out everyhtign it can. It makes good use of it's fore paws for this efort and has been nown to pick up somethign to use it as a primitive tool at times. Is fond fo throwing sticks and twigs at variosu things forma tree if the uge strikes it.
BackgroundWas born in Norhern Virginia and was trasnported to Indiana at a very young age and left to die. A group of humans cared for it and nurtured it in a semi-wid habitat until it coudl sruvive on it's own. Teh raccoon ocosanaly visits the hummans form time to time including spending it;s secodn winter with them.
LikesCrayfish. Food in general. Water. Dark. Afection. Climbign and pearching. Watchign other things.
DislikesPreditors. Anythgn that might be a prediitor. Loud noises. It isnt; too fodn of normal noises either. Creatures towerign over it.
LocationBrown County State Forest (in southern Indiana)
OccupationIt's a raccoon....
Additional InfoI've deliberatly chose this furry form to be very close to an actual raccoon. I fidn that;s what fits me best. I have and will ocasionaly grant it the power of speach to fit soemthign better but little more.

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