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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRay Takima Icehart
Weight108 lbs
SummaryA elven mage who seeks peace within the world of "Smash Bros". Is determined to kill Master and Crazy Hand for murdering his friend, Marth.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite
Hair ColourSnow White
Eye ColourLight Gray
ClothingWhite/Blue Force Clothing
AccessoriesFlame Resistant Gloves for holding his "Club of Luconium"
WeaponryThe "Club of Luconium" Forged from a extremely rare and highly heated ore called, Luconium. The ore is intensely hot, forever burning. Scientists cannot understand what makes the ore constantly hot. It can be forged into weaponry, but must be handled with the utmost caution. Once forged, the owner is gifted with increase in mental abilities and focus. But the wielder must were protective, heat resistant gloves so the hands at not burned. The blue orb within the mouth of the club heightens ice-based magic, while the club itself heightens fire-based magic.
Special AbilitiesCan do limited magical abilities. (See Additional Information)

Personality & Background

PersonalityIs very well mannered. And gets along with anyone, even Bowser.
BackgroundHas lived in Castle Siege with Marth until he was killed by Master and Crazy Hand. The castle was destroyed my an unknown force and escaped to Smash Village. where he was found wounded by Tom Nook, owner of "Nooks and Cranny" store. Tom healed Ray to health and lived with him till he decided to avenge Marth's death by dealing with Master and Crazy Hand. He set out on his quest for purity, and the greater good for Castle Siege.
LikesLikes to practice healing magic. And has a secret crush on Bowser.
DislikesTo fight for the sake of evil
LocationCurrently resides in "Smash Village" with Tom Nook.
OccupationWorks at "Nooks and Cranny" full time.
Additional InfoSpell List: 1) Ghost Arrow 2) Sigil Cry 3) Ice Bloom 4) Healing Breeze 5) Levindrake Rise 6) Fly, Flail, and Squander! 7) Upper God 8) Ice Fan 9) Holy Quiver

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteBindful loves costs nothing but your own love