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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKokiko
Weight140 pounds (63.5 kg)
SummaryAn adorable, cute busty short blue mouse. A shag of darker red hair sits atop her head, pulled back and kept in a bouncy ponytail by a pink scrunchie. Out of this mess poke two oversized mouse ears, blue outside and pink inside. A pair of curious, smiling blue eyes peer from her face. Below this adorable, almost child-like face is a body some would term over-curved. Immense breasts curve out, obscuring most of her front, while her back is shapely and her arms toned. Under the tremendous chest is a toned tummy. Wide hips and a big, curvy butt lead into very heavy legs, also toned, and down to tiny feet. From above and between her butt is a truly immense mouse tail in pink.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMedium blue fur with lighter blue tummy and chest fur, cheeks, pink skin.
Hair ColourA darker shade of red
Eye ColourA light to medium blue
ClothingKokiko dresses fairly normally for someone of her size, usually wearing a massive pink T-shirt with a strawberry stretched across her chest, green cuffs and collar. On her massive legs Kokiko wears fur-tight jeans that go to mid-calf. On her feet, she wears comfortable dolly shoes.
Special AbilitiesHer special abilities would consist of: - Once getting to know someone, she gets to know their mind and what its like. - Knowing if someone whos shy can be very talkative, very nice and very cosy to cuddle with. - Talking to people like a psychiartrist, helping them feel better about themselves and giving a shoulder to cry on. (And possible boob cushion for cuddling ^_^)
Outstanding FeaturesA hypercurvy cute mousie!

Personality & Background

PersonalityKokiko is outgoing and friendly, prone to snuggles and hugs. She likes a good laugh also.
BackgroundKokiko was separated at birth when she was born, she'd been wondering who her relative was. She spent 19 years of her life searching to try and find her, after the search of looking she finally found her. It was her long lost twin sister Cobalt Blue. The same looks and breast size were exactly the same, Kokiko at the time was carrying a picture in her pocket asking around if they'd seen her. Now after 19 years she's finally reunited with her.
LikesSnuggles, hugging, latexy tight outfits :3 (mega yum in her opinion), looking for new places to hang out at. She loves big guns (weapons)
DislikesForced sex, being hit on in any way possible, bribery, not being told the truth.
LocationSomewhere around
OccupationBuilder, browser