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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLuna Ruby
SpeciesSnow Leopard Anthro
Height5 foot 6inchs (Normally)
Weight140 pounds (Normally)
SummaryLuna has pure, snow white fur with black spots.. She has bright blue, sapphire eyes. She has an alluring build as well as sensual. She has rather voluptuous breasts which are a 38D. Her tail is long and fluffy She usually wears a notably sweet smile when she is not mad. She is very shy and is nervous about doing new things. Her size changing abilities are affected by her mood. She grows when she is aroused or mad. When she is mad or big she loves using micros as she wishes and will even stomp on them with her tantalizing paws. She enjoys to be pampered and have her tantalizing foot paws rubbed as well as treated like how a princess should be.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourShe has snow white fur with black spots. One spot on her right breast is shaped like a heart and one on her left butt cheek is a heart.
Hair ColourStraight strawberry blond hair that covers her right eye at times, her bangs go down slightly below her eye. Her hair also goes down to about her mid back.
Eye ColourBright, sapphire blue eyes
ClothingLuna wears a very, very short black skirt with a V-neck white t-shirt that is showing off her belly, with a very low cut showing off her cleavage.
AccessoriesShe wears a toe ring on her second toe and fourth toe on her right foot paw and one on her third toe and first toe on her left foot paw, both are platinum. She wears a golden anklet around her right ankle that has a silver chain dangling from it. She also wears a silver ring on her index finger on her right hand, and a gold ring on her middle finger on her left hand. A black chocker on neck. She wears gold ear rings through the top of her right ear. Her claws are dark purple with white tips. She also wears two golden nipple rings, one on each nipple. Also she has a bell attatched to her tail and around her neck. She also now has a new, sapphire encrusted collar as she has been captured by a macro known as Missy.
Special AbilitiesShe is able to grow and shrink. She grows when she is aroused or mad but shrinks when she is scared or sad.
Outstanding FeaturesHer bright, sapphire eyes, her tantalizing paws, her voluptuous breasts, and her long fluffy tail

Personality & Background

PersonalityShy, sweet, and caring. She is rather easy to get along with, but has a pretty bad temper. She can get scared easily at times as well.
BackgroundLuna grew up happily with her family until she was around 13 years old. When her family found out that she was a size shifter they got rid of her, fearing what she would do to them. She moved around from place to place. She always wondered why she couldn’t grow or shrink when she wanted too. One day when she was walking down a dirt road as it rained rather strongly a group of people came out of the bushes to mug her. As she screamed in fear she shrank down, becoming nothing but a mere two inches. The muggers couldn’t find her as she ran away. A couple days passed before she became her full height of five feet nine inches. As her life went on she became angry one day as someone kept pushing her around, she became four hundred feet, crushing the man and the people also in the building. She stomped off, crushing anything in her path. Again it took a couple days for her to go back to her normal height. With that she realized her ability was cued by her emotions. She later met a wonderful macro mouse named Bianca; they soon became very good friends .
LikesHaving her feet pampered, warm temperatures, snuggling others, being with her friend Bianca
DislikesThe cold, water that is too deep for her. As well as greedy people and being away from her mate.
LocationWherever she is.
OccupationSize Shifter
Additional InfoShe is shy and friendly until you make her mad. Feel free to ask her or email her.

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