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Vital Statistics!

Character NameZenkoKitsune
SummaryThis character is the spiritual representation of its owner, who is still figuring out just what s/he is. Over all appearance: Rams horns. White fur all over with golden tail tips. Five tails. Long, thin, golden fur line from nose tip, to up between the eyes, and half circling/forming into the eyebrows. While some is a spiritual representation, the abilities are clearly for rp. This character does react/interact physically with others, and can be warded off, however some abilities may appear to look like god moding, they are not used in that way, more as a playful manner as the owner chooses a lighter side rather than fighting everyone, if some of this bothers you the owner suggests you deal with it, it isn't their problem unless they are in a place where they are required to be vulnerable at all times, and they generally aren't in such places.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite, with golden tail tips.
Eye ColourUndefined as people tend to see what they wish, barely noticing that so far s/he only has fiery eyes
ClothingBlack cloud. Think Naruto's 'sexy jutsu' cloud, and no, this character is in no way affiliated with/based on Naruto.
Special AbilitiesShadow form- where the character assumes the exact shadow of another person, any traces of demon technicality are removed- so cannot be touched- like any other real life shadow. Cloud formation- the character has a habit of poofing into a black cloud, technically they are in it and can reach out if they so choose, no one else can reach in. The characters cloud tends to appear and reappear at their will, often they take a step- poof- and then return to normal elsewhere. Blushing- the character does not ascribe to conventional blushing, where normally a persons cheeks would redden, instead their fur, all but their golden tail tips, turn various shades of red or pink.
Outstanding FeaturesThe outstanding is what isn't, due to the character putting most others off focus- i.e making them not pay any real attention unless they are definitely looking for such a feature. In shadow form the character will exactly mimic another persons shadow, the only flaw being the other persons shadow has five tails, again this much often goes unnoticed. The eyes have exactly the same trait, they've never been defined, as the owner does not know what their eyes are in spirit, so they've settled for blue fire balls.

Personality & Background

PersonalityThe owner/character has some rl problems learning to interact with others, but tries their best to be polite and happy go lucky/friendly for the benefit of others. Mostly they are simply playful and easy to get a long with, but just like most others- if you step on their toes they will snap, often more vehemently that most. They have a tendency to make offerings to others, usually of simple rice, as a gift or token of respect- friendship- or peace, they do not get offended if it is turned down. They are very strict about their character/spirit, as they believe you have no right to say what happens to another character, it is up to their choosing how your spells or whatever else affects them.
LocationIn the owners mind, they picture themselves in a simple mud hut with a doorway- covered over in bark, and a windowsill, always with a simple food offering on it out of someone's respect or to appease such a fickle demon, their hut has a specific kitsu shrine to them, which they are always quite close to in one way or another, a simple step in and out of their cloud to their own hut realm would suffice as it is easy enough. They can often be found in #kitsune and #vixens on irc.furnet.net
Additional InfoThis character due to its owner has a dual spirit, sometimes the owner is a male, sometimes the owner is a female, it depends on which side of the person you have at any given time. While both sides of their spirit are there in unison, generally one is more predominant. The Kitsu is female, and the Hokkaido is male, and are at times very different from each other. If you want to label the owner with a specific you may call them Gender Queer, but in no way trans or anything to do with such label.