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Vital Statistics!

Character NameScruff
SpeciesRed Fox with Capulus mutation (Capulus Vulpes volpes)
SummaryThe irrational, irritable, foul-mouthed, under-achieving, twitching, coffee-addicted mess of a Vulpine...

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourStandard red fox markings: Natural reddish-orange, white chest, black soxs, black ears and white tail tip
Eye ColourJade green
ClothingMostly just wears baggy black cargos
AccessoriesThick(ish) plain tan leather collar, sometimes with a bell attached; Industrial piercing in right ear; 7 rings in left ear
WeaponryN-Strike Recon CS-6 (NERF rifle)
Special AbilitiesCan find utterly anything in his pockets due to a small dimension that appeared in his jeans, unfortunatly can find nothing useful for most situations.
Outstanding FeaturesHas a longer than average floofy tail. Faint, but pleasent natural smell of coffee and cocoa.

Personality & Background

Personality[update soon]
Background[update soon]
LikesCoffee, chocolate, rooting around car boot sales and junk (antique) shops, driving (lots and lots), reading tonnes o' books, writing about anything and relaxing ^-^ Oh! And fire =D
DislikesNo coffee, no chocolate, broken cars, being on fire (o.o;;) Getting interrupted while trying to read and busted head-phones
LocationA house, in a street, in a county, in Scotland!
OccupationStudent of life (=P) Owns and works at the Zantwa Refuge Coffee-Shop ^-^
Additional InfoSometimes RP's at the steam-punk scientist Dr Alexander Collins ^-^