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Vital Statistics!

Character NamePyre
SpeciesAnthro Entei
Height6ft, 9 Inches normally
Weight330 lbs (normal size)
SummaryPyre was a human that had suddenly changed into his current form 7 years ago, an anthro Entei, his transformation was hot and violent, catching nearby things on fire. He has the ability to increase in size... reactive to fire and Magma. His physical strenght is incredible, his body doesn't show how strong he really is, until he gets a hold of it and lifts it, if he can get a good grip, he can lift it. He can lift about 2 tons dead weight at normal size

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis fur is typicall of an Entei's, Rust like in coloration, with a bit of cream like coloration fur on his face and chest area, slate coloured on his paws and hands, like an Entei's paws would be
Hair ColourHas a Smoke grey mane, not hair, about half of what you would see on an actual Entei
Eye ColourHis eyes are Magma red
ClothingHe wears a fiery red sleveless shirt, but rarely wears any other, as his back plates makes it more difficult for him to put or remove anything, he wears Black pants or shorts
AccessoriesHe has none right now
WeaponryHe has none as of yet, asside of his fists
Special AbilitiesHe has the ability to attack using fire or Magma He can also increase in size when exposed to fire, magma, he does not have a limit on this, and will shrink back down after24 hours
Outstanding FeaturesHe has the "Back plates" that an Entei has, Made of solidified Magma, incredibly hard, has them on his back, and a bit on his chest, like armor

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe has a a strong desire to protect what is close to him, being friends, allies, or important things, aside of that, one could say he's proud of what he's become, but can get incredibly irritated and mad, should someone gets on his bad side
BackgroundHe was living in a small town, nearby where his sister was, when his change happened, burning down the house he was living in. At that time, he decided to travel, to think on how he will deal with this change.
LikesHe likes helping others, he likes fire, and likes feeling like he can make a differance
DislikesHe dislikes bullies, water, feeling helpless, and the unknown
Locationis currently a drifter
OccupationWas a Class AA Programer/Hacker, Has no occupation for the moment
Additional Infohis face is half like human, half like an entei's, he has 4 thick fingers with claws, instead of 5, his foot-paws has no claws. His Back plates arent as big as on an normal entey, but they are sized for his form. He is not overly built as muscles is concerned, but does look like he goes to the gym regularily, so he does have a defined body, but not over the top.

Stay in Contact

SkypeI have one, ask me first though