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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLillowen
Height159 cm (5 feet 2 inches)
Weight111 kg (246 pounds)
SummaryA hypercurvy, more than well-muscled cross between a bunny and a fox, with an adorable rabbit face and fox nose, huge slit-pupil blue eyes with gold rings around the irises and gold flecks throughout, whiskers, and a floofy mop of long white hair with deep forest green tips. Tawny golden tan fur overall with cream belly, socks, gloves and the tips of her long bunny ears.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTawny golden tan overall with cream belly-fur, socks, gloves and ear-tips.
Hair ColourLong white hair to her waist with the lower 1/3 a deep forest green that seems to shimmer in sunlight.
Eye ColourSlit-pupil pure sky blue with gold metallic rings around the iris and flecks of gold shot through.
ClothingA half-T in light pale blue with a white circle and green medical cross in the circle stretches over breasts that look each to be almost as big as her torso.

An open-front half-jacket in thick, solid, deep green-black leather tooled in back with leaf patterns done in lighter, almost luminescent green, the sleeves being short and cuffed. Despite appearances, this jacket is also of smart material. Built into this jacket (or more properly integrated into its' very structure) is a highly-versatile nanofabrication system, meant to produce, on the spot, medications and small common items, especially those that might be needed for medical use. The Jacket can manufacture these things from carbon, provided to it in multiple forms, plus the atmospheric hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen used in most breathable environments. Production, though, generates heat, and large or complex items will generate much more heat.

Forearm-length fingerless sleeves are worn in a lighter green, a small hexagonal pattern like scales shimmering in the light.

Lower, her wide hips are covered in matching dark green-black leather-like pants also with that hexagon-scale pattern on them, a belt with a few odd-looking cylinders on it, and a hole for her long gold-furred and cream oversize, hyper-fluffy fox tail to show through.

Over-the-knee high flare-topped boots in the same lighter green as her half-sleeves go down, leaving her cream-colored toes out and showing off her heavy, truly massive legs amazingly, her legs being semi-digitigrade, making it look like she walks on her puffy toes.
AccessoriesMost of her "accessories" are internal. See Abilities, below.

Lillowen's clothing, despite looking like leather and cloth, is entirely made up of specialized forms of carbon. It serves as both a massively-powerful computer system, a nanotech factory for small items, a repository for several forms of medical nanotech, and, in an emergency, can harden into armor several times the strength of diamond. At all times, this is under the command of Lillowen's neural net (nnet).
WeaponryLillowen, due to her beliefs and lifepath, will not carry lethal weapons nor use them. She does, however, have the ability to program her clothing to emit flashes and noise that will incapacitate, dizzy, and nauseate almost all forms of life which rely upon vision. She can reconfigure it to do the same in the sonic regime, affecting blind targets, though this with far less accuracy. In an absolute emergency, she can use the clothing to deliver a punishing, stunning electrical jolt like a Taser, though this can only be done a few times.

Lillowen is trained in martial arts, though no specific style, specifically limited to pressure-point manipulation. While much of this is used for medical purposes, it can also incapacitate an opponent provided it is of a physical structure which she is familiar with or can acquire a good medical scan of.
Special AbilitiesLillowen has a huge amount of other diffuse, often biological technology integrated into her. Her spine has additional neural nodes meant to assist in rapid information processing. This is bolstered by a network of cybernetic processors with the same task. Combined, these are her "inboards". In addition to providing her processing and data storage, embedded into the programming of these inboards at the neural level are fragmentary pseudo-personalities called Aspects, along with the compressed, distilled memories of their lives, allowing Lillowen instantaneous access to the combined lifetimes and even direct advice of several dozen of the best Gaian Polity Healers.

Through the same biotechnology, coupled with nano-scale integrated displays, Lillowen's eyes are able to see in an immense segment of the electromagnetic spectrum, from the longest waves of infrared all the way up to the higher ends of the ultraviolet spectrum. They provide ranging accurate to centimeters of distance, and process images to allow them to be recorded and later played back of fed into digital storage. They can provide precise magnification, making objects up to eight kilometers away seem to be as close and vivid as at 10 meters. All of this, plus superb passive night vision amplification and excellent daylight color vision.

Lillowen also possesses a neural net (nnet), an electronic copy of her own spine and brain's neural layout, adaptive and changing as she changes, laced into her own brain and down her spine. This allows her communication with most machines, her inboards and her clothes, as well as with external networks of all sorts.

Lillowen is a living hylo-, bio-, and nano-factory. Her body is a living biosensor system, geared to read vital signs nearly instantly from a glance or a light touch. Just holding her hands a few centimeters from a subject can get her very accurate readings. Her blood is an adaptive mix, allowing her to use it as a universal, pan-species donor material, and is laced with medical and antiplague nanotech and biotech. Within minutes of being injected with her blood, a patient will be healed of MOST forms of conventional illness and many forms of non-life-critical injuries. Life-critical injuries she can treat using a mix of actual surgery (minimal), guided hylonanotech (a mix of normal and biological nano), and regenerative fields which she can emit. In emergencies or for full-scale regeneration, Lillowen can, with permission, nanocolonize someone, providing them with a long-term permanent or semi-permanent self-regenerating colony of both biotechnological regenerative agents and nanotech rapid-regenerators and tissue rebuilders, plus the appropriate and fully automatic control nodes.

Lillowen can also reduce gravity to near-null (microgravity) around a patient in a sphere up to ten meters in diameter up to 5 meters away, and can maintain and generate this in up to 2.0 Terran gravities. This is accomplished via the use of altering the local space-time metric via quantum calculations which actually affect the "priveleged channels", the band of quantum information which spacetime uses to define itself.

Lillowen is also deceptively strong, especially for her diminutive size: about five times the strength of a very strong human male of around six feet in height or so. She really barely uses this strength, though it IS apparent in her legs. Consequently, Lillowen can leap a good thirty meters straight up and can land safely from the same.

Outstanding FeaturesShe's a bunnyfox with curves that would make most furry porn stars blush and feel inadequate. What more do you want?

Personality & Background

PersonalityFriendly, affable, outgoing, and pleasant. When working, the same, just a bit more insistent if she has to be.
BackgroundA healer out of the Gaian Polity and traveller.
LikesHugs, lots of them! Lillowen, like all Healers, tends to be a bit (read a LOT) of a cuddleslut. Not sexual in the least, despite her build, just purely someone who loves to give and recieve warm long hugs and petting.
OccupationHealer, originally from the Gaian Polity.