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Vital Statistics!

Character NameGorigon
SpeciesSpikey Dragon Kaiju
Weight20,824 tons
SummaryBig Spikey Lizard Kaiju that Defends his territory and those he considers his friends. Has a set of Adamantium down curving spines that start from the middle of his forehead and grow larger down his back and end at the tip of his tail. Around the tip of the tail they spread out in a outward facing fan. There is also a set of 3 forward, hand facing sharp spines on each forearm that he can grow to 3 times their size to attack Enemies. Body is bulky but still rather slender and maneuverable. Has 4 eyes on his head, 2 on either side, one behind the other. Has a very acute sense of smell. Large section Cream colored plated chest scales that start at the chest and go between his legs and under his tail to the tip.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark Red Main; Cream Secondary;
Hair Colournone
Eye ColourAtomic Purple
WeaponryNapalm Breath; Levitation Beam; Repulsion Wave; Telescopic Vision; Overheat ability in which the levitation beam and repulsion wave shoot out of him in every direction of his body, lifting anything around him off the ground, holding them there, then hitting them with a continuous blast of the repulsion wave. This completely drains him and he needs at least a day to recharge after using it. He is powerless otherwise; Spines on his body, tail and arms; Claws;
Special AbilitiesAbsorbs all forms of metal and energy to feed itself besides normal consumption of flora and fauna; Can levitate himself over long distances;
Outstanding FeaturesA slightly longer neck than what would be expected; Has 4 eyes, 2 on either side, one behind the other.