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Vital Statistics!

Character NameChandra
Heightfluctuates betwen 15 and 20 feet but can go higher or lower
Weightdont even dare
SummaryChandra is the result of an experimental lab procedure gone awry. She used to be a dragon who was looking to try something new and signed up for an experimental procedure that would turn her into a cheetah. But everything went awry and she wound up as a herm cheetah with new properties to hir body and a complete loss of all previous memories.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourNormal cheetah pattern but shi is black with purple spots that blend into hir black fur gradually and dont stand out too much except in the right light. Because of hir rubberlike qualities, hir entire body, fur and all, shines like rubber would.
Hair ColourPurple and reaches down to the middle of hir back. Hir hair also has rubberlike qualities and can be stretched considerably.
Eye ColourA rather striking yellow that can be seen in the dark from quite a distance away if the light reflects off them at just the right angle.
ClothingA rather tight spandex suit that is pure black and blends in with hir fur very well. it also doesnt leave anything much to the imagination.
Special AbilitiesChandras rubberlike qualities mean several things. Shi grows when shi inhales and shrinks when shi exhales, both are proporionate. Shi no longer has the need to actually breath for survival but because shi had the habit ingrained into hir from before the procedure and because shi enjoys the feel of shrinking and growing so much shi never broke the habit and subconciously grows and shrinks constantly. Hir body is indestructable and shi no longer has any bones to break, shi cannot feel pain simple because shi hasnt found a force strong enough for hir to feel it and shis done soem pretty drastic stuff to test that. The last ability shi gained from the rubberiness is that shi can bounce extremely high and fast, being more effective than the best superball.
Outstanding FeaturesChandras two endowments and the way hir fur just glistens and shines in the light. And also the way that shi is constantly growing and shrinking with every breath.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery playful and curious. Chandra doesnt remember anything from before the experiment and is lucky shi can still talk and function. Shi explores constantly and works hard on making new memories to replace what shi lost. Friends are few but shi loves them dearly.