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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMirror Byx
Height5 foot 10 inches
SummaryThough I can take on many appearances, I do spend most time in my "Neutral Form," which is what I have described below. In this form, I am feline.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite
Hair ColourFirey Red
Eye ColourGreen
ClothingBlack T-Shirt
Black + Dark Green striped Arm socks (from knuckles up to a few inches below the shoulder.)
Black + Dark Green striped thigh-high socks (ends cut away to free my toesies.)
Short gingham skirt of matching colors.
(I have a few outfits like this, switching out the dark green for pink, white, blue, or red depending on my mood.)
AccessoriesUsually with a Derby hat (or any other -nice- hat. No caps.)
Usually with a pair of glasses.
Special AbilitiesI am a shapeshift. I was born in this feline form to normal parents, but in the womb I was given this power (I believe it was also what made me hermaphroditic. I posses both sexes, but can hide either and become female or male if I wish it. Which I usually don't.) I have realized the following list of truths about my nature:
1.) I take and remove matter into some space to which only I have access. I call it "Dark Space," but it could be more colloquially referred to as Hammerspace. This is the only matter which I can acquire; I cannot absorb objects or people into my person, but something tells me I can teach myself to do this, with practice.... Matter can't be different from place to place, can it?
2.)I cannot separate parts from myself (like a liquid shapeshifer may do.) This being the case, I can't make duplicates of myself or form something with moveable parts. (Even if I could, I'd be hesitant to, as that's kind of weird... Which brings me to my next point.)
3.)I can form inanimate objects, but it's not as easy as keeping a more organic anatomy. I need a place to keep all my necessary organs (I can't just make them vanish, I still need them!) and have to design a new, workable anatomy. And it's just weird.
4.)Electricity sucks. I guess in the same way it makes people lose control of their physical muscles, it makes me lose control of my shifting "reflex." And anything could happen.
5.)When I add matter to myself, it grows from me, does not just appear. This means little other than that I cannot phase through solid objects. I'm not sure if I could make myself small enough to move between atoms, but I don't want to try that. It's dangerous.
6.)I think that, as long as I continue to use this gift, I don't age. Whenever I release my shifting reflex, I return to my neutral self - any cuts I've sustained are gone. So I don't think I age, either.

Personality & Background

Additional Info-PENDING-