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Art by Murmur.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameSmudge
Weight120 lbs (or about 9 stone)
SummaryA lazy, sexually charged rat boy with a love of food, video games and the art of procrastination.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourCreamy yellow fur, with a pink furless tail.
Hair ColourSupposedly pinkish red, but it varies from girly pink to punky red. He dyes it.
Eye ColourHazel brown.
ClothingHe tends to wear feminine colours such as pink and purple and favours comfortable t-shirts. When he dresses up, he goes for simplicity over style, preferring to accentuate his natural femininity and good looks rather than make a statement with his outfit. He's also been known to cross-dress, in which case he likes short skirts and tops that look and feel nice, but aren't too extravagant. This is something he only does in private, for himself and his lover(s).
AccessoriesTwo silver earrings in his left ear (his left, the viewer's right if you're looking at him face on) and one in the right (or your left).
WeaponryA lazy seduction style and an iron will when it comes to refusing to do any actual work.
Special AbilitiesStretching out until he takes up the whole sofa, coercing others into bringing him food, procrastination.
Outstanding FeaturesHe's so feminine that people have easily mistaken him for a girl. He's skinny and has quite a pointy muzzle and big ears.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery laid back in general. Flirtatious, teasing, playful, childish. Pretends to be big-headed when taking compliments but is actually very humbled by them, and he finds it easy to brush off insults because he's too lazy to get into arguments or have to deal with falling out with someone. Because of this, he is very accommodating of other peoples' flaws (although not necessarily understanding - it's fun to bitch about people behind their backs).
BackgroundNothing particularly special - I make a point of Smudge being normal, because he's supposed to represent me rather than representing what I wish I was like.
LikesFood (especially chocolate, cheese on toast, marmite and peanut butter sandwiches - that's together in the same sandwich, strawberries, cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake and... oh, did I mention chocolate?) Sex (he's gay, submissive and adventurous.) Sleep (his bed is probably his favourite place in the world. He also likes napping and slobbing around in his pyjamas.)
DislikesAnything that takes effort, rainy days and sudden cravings that can't be immediately satisfied. He doesn't get bratty and whiny about it, but it's annoying when you crave chocolate at 3 a.m and there's none in the house.
LocationInside my head. Sometimes he manifests himself. When I'm... very drunk.
OccupationBeing my id (that's the driving force behind all of my behaviour that demands instant gratification and has no concept of morality.) But mostly he sleeps.
Additional InfoI am female. Just so you know.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one" (Albert Einstein)

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