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Art by me. It's a bit out of character, but her behaviour is often surprising in its unpredictability.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameRosie
Age21 (a bit older than me)
Weight130 lbs
SummaryA long-suffering rabbit girl who always ends up playing the role of older sister.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPink.
Hair ColourPurple. Also, it's a bit longer on one side and always covers one eye, but the eye that's showing varies according to what I think would look better.
Eye ColourLight blue.
ClothingShe's sort of semi-goth in that she prefers dark colours such as purple & red, and she likes her clothing to look gothic and interesting, but she doesn't tend to wear black. Sometimes she opts for bright, sunny colours just for a change.
AccessoriesShe has a collar with her name on it, but she wears it as an accessory if her outfit is particularly gothic. It isn't a sign of submission or ownership.
WeaponryA stern look and the kind of bossiness that guilts you into pulling your weight.
Special AbilitiesShe can raise one eyebrow, skim-read while still taking things in and she has a good memory. She also seems to be able to tell whether people are misbehaving or generally being silly nearby and turn up at just the wrong moment, usually accompanied by her stern look or an arched eyebrow of amusement.
Outstanding FeaturesShe's not so much chubby as curvy in the right places.

Personality & Background

PersonalityA dry, but very present sense of humour. She is easily amused by the antics of others, although she prefers not to join in. She's very introverted, preferring to curl up with a book rather than socialise. That doesn't mean she's shy; she's fond of conversation and views her friends as a dysfunctional family that she loves being a part of.
BackgroundNothing much to say here - again, Rosie represents an aspect of myself, not someone I want to be.
LikesGoing barefoot in the sunshine, relaxing with a book, intellectual jokes and challenging puzzles. Tea.
DislikesLaziness, idiots (and by that she means people who are content to remain uneducated, have a disdain for knowledge or anything more intellectually stimulating than tying shoelaces, and can't be bothered to spell properly) and needless violence/violence for anything she considers 'not worth it' (e.g, financial gain, or gain of respect.)
LocationInside my mind.
OccupationBeing my ego (that is, the part of my psyche that keeps the id - the uncontrolled wants and desires - in check while still allowing me to have fun.)
Additional InfoBecause I smoke and Smudge doesn't, Rosie is the one who has the occasional cigarette. Also, because I'm bisexual and Smudge is gay, Rosie is happy to be drawn with other peoples' female fursonas.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education." (Mark Twain)

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