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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDara
Height6 ft 0 in, can vary
SummaryA decidedly toned, pure white wolf with a black nosepad. She has straight, long hair down to her lower back and a poofy tail down to the heels of her digitigrade feet. Her large pawpads and delicate hands are tipped with well-manicured and slightly blunted claws.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite fur covers her entirely, she has no markings.
Hair ColourPure white.
Eye ColourGold.
ClothingWhatever interests her at the time. Usually casual dress.
Special AbilitiesDara is an artist's muse, and has near-omnipotent magic-like powers which she uses as she sees fit.
Outstanding Features

Personality & Background

PersonalityFriendly, cheerful, bubbly, energetic, to a fault. Usually patient, but has no patience for those who cannot keep their hands to themselves.
BackgroundMay have descended from the original mythical muses, but shes' not telling one way or another. Not much is known about her aside from how she looks and what she can do.
LikesFriends, art. Motorcycles, hiking, climbing.
DislikesBeing touched by people to which she hasn't given permission.
LocationIn the artist's imagination.
OccupationArtist's Muse.
Additional InfoDara is an alt of Captain Q, there is no intention for that to be a secret. In character, she serves as Q's muse.


 Captain Q