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Art by Smudge. And a fine art it is too.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameBob
SpeciesDragon Squirrel
HeightSmaller than a dragon, bigger than a squirrel
Weight... You know it
SummaryDragon Squirrels live in trees and breathe fire. No one has the guts to tell them that this is a stupid idea.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRed/brown/tan sort of colour.
Hair ColourGolden-y brown.
Eye ColourLight blue/grey
ClothingNormally reds and oranges; firey colours. She likes black, but finds it doesn't work very well with her fur colour. Her clothes are usually quite plain, and if she's wearing a skirt, it'll be floor length.
AccessoriesA purple collar that Smudge always seems to draw her wearing. Maybe it was a gift?
WeaponryDoes breathing fire count as a weapon? Because it should.
Special AbilitiesThe power of intense cute, and also fire. Did I mention the fire? Oh, and she can fly. In theory.
Outstanding FeaturesIncredibly fluffy tail, flappy dragon wings, and a death glare of death.

Personality & Background

PersonalityQuite withdrawn and shy, but laid-back and friendly with people she gets to know. Has two states of emotion: hyperactive and chipper, or deeply depressed. Has a slightly evil streak, and gets very violent when angered, but generally a nice (if slightly odd) person.
BackgroundThe child of a normal dragon squirrel and another normal dragon squirrel, no one was surpirsed when Bob turned out to be a dragon squirrel.
LikesBooks; reading; writing; fire; minions to do her bidding; hugs; weapons; obscure words; sci-fi/fantasy stories; toffee; pigeons (roasted); trees; semi-colons.
DislikesLoud noises; crowds; the colour yellow; water; shitty books by shitty authors that get popular anyway and everyone raves about even though it's actually just crap, but in book form; people who rave about shitty books by shitty authors; shitty authors who think they can write just because they wrote a book; people who label other people; people who label themselves; tea, coffee, and anyone who assumes that everyone must like either tea or coffee.
LocationIn a tree. Or possibly not.
OccupationBeing bitter about books, apparently. Also: student.
Additional InfoBob the dragon squirrel is exactly the same as Bob the person, with the exception of being a mythical creature. There aren't any differences between her personality and mine.

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