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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKedia
SpeciesHigh Elf
AgeAppears mid-twenties (Actually 212)
WeightA gentleman never asks.
SummaryKedia is a high elven sorceress with a short temper and a vastly overblown sense of self worth. She can be selfish, cruel and arrogant. There are ways to melt her heart though and she is fiercely loyal (If somewhat mean on occasion) to those she counts among her friends.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourCreamy white skin.
Hair ColourBlue
Eye ColourBlue
ClothingShe wears a dark blue cape that trails down to her feet, on which a pair of velvet boots sit. They have a soft leather sole on them and are kept pristine. Her gloves are similarly made of blue velvet. For her pants she chooses a more neutral brown linen and tops it off with a white blouse. Alternatively she can be seen wearing a black robe with red and gold trim and a pair of simple leather sandals.
AccessoriesShe often wears a silver tiara with a large sapphire inset on the centre of the band.
WeaponryShe carried with her, at all times, a large staff of magical pearwood. It stands as tall as she and is topped with a beautiful orb of the deepest blue. She needs this spell to channel her mana for all spells that affect other people or objects. She can cast magic on herself without the staff but it takes longer to channel her mana this way.
Special AbilitiesShe is currently schooled in the following magical arts. Elemental Transformation Illusion Curative magics
Outstanding FeaturesHer napoleon complex perhaps and her long pointed ears of course.

Personality & Background

PersonalityKedia comes across as a very arrogant and self-serving individual. This is mostly due to the fact she IS a very arrogant and self-serving individual. She acts like a spoiled brat and throws tantrums when things don't go her way. However, when she is not upset she is actually quite well mannered, speaking with airs and graces and rarely, if ever, using slang words or curse words. She appreciates when people treat her like a lady.
LikesTeasing people, being the bigshot and the centre of attention.
DislikesBeing humbled in any way shape or form
OccupationFully fledged magi!
Additional InfoOoC Roleplay notes: Likes - Footplay, soft vore, butt, breasts, role-reversal roleplays (Big becomes small and vice versa) Dislikes - Ferals, underage characters, scat/watersports Feel free to approach me, I'm actually a lot friendlier than I appear. Interesting ideas are a surefire way to pique my curiosities.

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