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Vital Statistics!

Character NameArsenios Tyr
Speciesalien... bug... mutant thing
Summary[Wall of Text removed; summaries should be short]

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourblack/yellow
Hair Colourn/a
Eye Colourblack
Special Abilitieslift 20 times his weight with ease, dragon-scale durability of shells, fire resistant shells and fire breath
Outstanding FeaturesHead:the shape of this creatures head is to that of a wasp, an upside down triangle with rounded ends, his compound eyes wide, and flat compared to most other insects, and black, though no fuzz or fur a wasp would on his head, his skull black, with only two yellow stripes run across his face horizontally, his antenna at the center of his skull between his eyes at the upper part, these antennae long, skinny and elbowed, at the back of his head are the horns of a wildebeest, curving at the base for the horns to extend diaganolly outward, backwards then curving to point the tips upwards, he has no mandibles, but horizontal jaws Thorax: his thorax is somewhat similar to that of a humanoids, just slightly skinnier, and taller, three yellow stripes running diaganolly up his thorax to point at his neck, on each side two stripes on his stomach region, and one on each side of his chest, upon his back is a trail of yellow arrows pointing at one another all the way down to the tip of his dragonfly-like tail curled only slightly backwards, other then these stripes and arrows his shells are black, the markings on his back visible through the countless wing veins of his set of four dragonfly-like wings, long and narrow arms: he has a set of four arms, two at each side of his thorax's chesticular area these arms fairly skinny, black just as the rest of his body, his palms slender with only three fingers conntected to each palm, one a thumb other two fingers regular, all three being equally thin, and long, the same pattern of arrows on his back and tail running down his arms to his wrists, and a small singular dot on each palm legs: his legs having the shape of an equines, making his most comfortable position to sit crouching down, his legs also black, the arrows running down the front of his thighs and down his shins, singular, yellow dots at the upperside of his feet, his feet fairly raptor-like with three equal sized, black claws