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Vital Statistics!

Character NameChi no Kurotsuki
Species12-Tailed Tiger Demon
Weight100 lbs
SummaryBorn into a clan of demons, Chi carries the burden of having to be the next head of her demonic family. The problem is, she doesn't even want to be an evil demon, she wants to be one that can heal and revive anything back to life. She secretly practices healing and nature powers whenever she can. Recently, a male ice demon [Not of her Clan], named Oiyuki found Chi in the middle of practicing. She started to go into defense mode, until he started talking. He told her he was like her, wanting to be free of his place in his clan, and asked her what she thinks she could do to get away. "We could...we could run away, you know. To a more...pure place..." She's still running away right now, with Oiyuki.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourShe mainly tries to keep a more human look, but she has the cat ears and tail(s) that are black with blue on the ends.
Hair ColourBlack with blue ends, like her ears and tail.
Eye ColourIcy blue
ClothingShe usually wears all black, with a blue amulet and a bracelet she pulls above her elbow.
AccessoriesSee Clothing.
WeaponryA Katana or Kunai.
Special AbilitiesShe can control anything nature-related, and can kill something just by staring at them with a certain form of her eyes called Kurochigan, which takes decades for most of her clan to master, but it only took her one week.
Outstanding FeaturesHer eyes, and her kind heart if you know her true self. Also her almost hypnotizing singing voice.

Personality & Background

PersonalityDark and deadly around family, but she only acts so. She really kind, and loves to care for anything hurt, and enjoys staring at clouds.
BackgroundShe has a 'good' reputation in her clan [who are evil], but she has a truly pure reputation with her friends and other creatures that keep her secret close.
LikesClouds, drawing, painting, singing, and caring for nature.
DislikesWar, fighting, unnesessary bloodshed.
LocationIt changes day to day, it depends if a scout from her clan is near or her and Oiyuki are far off from danger.
Additional InfoShe secretly likes Oiyuki.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Stand up for what you believe in, or try to."