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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAlitu Fearsome
SummaryFemale Anthro Husky, age 20, healthy slightly plump but still very attractive. where on typical huskies their back is black fur hers is Bright pink shading lighter to her light bellyfur of typical husky pattern. eyes are an icey eary bright blue

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourtypical husky pattern but in bright pink and white.
Hair Colourjust pink headfur no "hair".
Eye Colourbright icey eerie blue
Clothingnormally punkish in style. baggy cargoes or tripp pants of bright colors. doesn't like dark colors. T-shirts tank tops. loves wearing socks, loves walking around in JUST socks so her socks are often filthy. sneakers or combat boots, formal wear on occasion. likes striped stockings from hot topic.
Accessoriesbelly bead
Weaponryher pure awsomeness
Outstanding Featuresthe pink fur

Personality & Background

Personalitybubbly, ditzy, but with a mean side
Likestormenting micro's, snuggling, and paintball.
DislikesNazis. Communists. politically correct morons.
Locationlooming over you
Occupationwalmart employee