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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDroxEl
SpeciesFox-Dragon hybrid
SummaryDroxEl (short for Drox_Elite) is a rather irrational hybrid who's pupilless eyes can change to convey emotion. (That description was beautiful and you know it)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourmostly red fox looking. White belly fur that runs between his legs up the middle of his rear and bottom of his draconic furry tail. His spines running down his back and tail are dark brown
Hair Colournon-exissant.. just fluffy red fur
Eye Coloursolid pupilless and color depends on mood. The norm would be amber
ClothingHe sometimes wears black basketball shorts. Often he just rebels and lets fur be fur
Weaponryclaws from his dragon side. Teeth and jaws that can snap bones. Oh, and he can breath fire (the heat depends on stress).. The spines running down his back can be used in the right circumstances.
Special Abilitieshe can size shift when not stressed. He can burn stuff with his breath. His spines can be raised and lowered at will. He can fly
Outstanding FeaturesHe wrote this entire entire profile on a PSP (Most of it now)

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe's generally dim witted yet gentle, till he sees an opening to terrorize someone
Background(I aint typin this 1 with a PSP)
Likesplaying, toying with others, being violent and destructive, burning things to the ground; eating things , burnin stuff , crushing and big chicks
Dislikesinvincible peoples
Locationlook for smoke n' fia
Additional InfoHe burns stuff

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"ashes to ashes, baby"