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My best one of my fursona thus far. Can be found on Deviantart on my Dufasdan account and on Furaffinity on my Duphasdan account. Drawn with a pencil and inked and colored using Microsoft Digital Image Pro 9.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameD. Dan
Weight220 pounds
SummaryD. Dan is a knight in training at a university. His style of fighting is mainly fencing. With his sword, he can bend it and use it like an ivy blade and break it into many daggers that can shot at high speeds. Also, his sword is magic and an advanced piece of hardware as is his armor. His world is an alternate history and dimension of our world where ancient civilizations exist with modern ones and creatures of myth, fantasy and imagination are real and live with humans side by side in daily life. Also magic is common place and technology is centuries ahead of ours. The date is identical to ours.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSmall white feathers that are soft to the touch and a little fluffy almost like fur.
Hair ColourSee above. LOL.
Eye ColourLight purple.
ClothingGreen and black armor modeled after a fencer's vest that is magic and more efficient and effective than a bullet proof vest. Plus it feels better. Its main area is on the front and held there with a strap on the back of the user and held fast around the waist with a brace to not allow gaps between the vest and bottom piece. The brace, in addition, is specially ribbed to still allow complete and controlled movement of the waist area for better reflex. His gloves, belt, straps and boots are mainly black leather with blue trim and have Celtic knots on them around the main bands that act like circuitry for the regulation and enhancement of one's manna for the sword or other weapon. His cloak is made from a combination of mithril and silver that allows control of the user's manna while using the sword and armor in combination. To take the cape off while in use of the sword and / or armor results in a surge of power and chaos at the expense of potential damage to the body and quick use of the manna reserves. Such is recommended for dire situations.
AccessoriesD. Dan's accessories are that of the silver clasp that holds his cloak in place. It has the symbol of the trinity to show his devotion to Christianity and as a symbol of his chivalry as a knight. His scabbard is magic and automatically connects to his belt like a magnet and can be taken off just as easily at his will. Other than this, it simply hold his sword and nothing else. His third and last accessory is a small cape that goes around the waist and connects to his belt. It is more of a fashion statement than a use. It also is shaped in a way to look like the tail feather area of a bird which D. Dan does not have.
WeaponryThe main of D. Dan is his weapon. Dubbed 'Epic Rapier' it is a blade that has a handle of advanced technology to allow even a user of almost no magic ability to wield manna as a weapon. It is mainly in the handle and also allows only the owner to use it. The blade is made from an allow that he can manipulate to elongate to great lengths, bend at will at any point of the blade and break into smaller blades that can be shot like high speed projectiles.
Special AbilitiesD. Dan is a magic sword user and can manipulate specific ores to do a variety of things like stretch, bend, break into pieces and back, have those pieces move at high speeds, sharpen or dull the blade and have the blade fixed in mid combat if broken or damaged. Other than this he has minor telekinesis abilities that does not go beyond moving even something the size and weight of a grape to be moved more than three feet. His racial ability also lends him great bursts of speed and prodigious flexibility particularly around the waist area which is perfect to make a natural rapier master. Lastly, D. Dan has the ability of Eagle Sight that allows him excellent eyesight to see up to three miles away like a human can see a twenty feet.
Outstanding FeaturesHe is descended from an eagle avian race that has no wings nor tail feathers. He can wield specific ores to great extent due to his natural racial ability of telekinesis and affinity to those ores. He is completely white and has very soft and small feathers and has light purple eyes as opposed to a normal eagle's eye color of yellow or green. Also, D. Dan is extremely well built, fast and flexible.

Personality & Background

PersonalityD. Dan is intelligent, creative and industrious. However, he lacks initiative and is impatient at times. Other than this, he is kind, generous and has a playful and witty demeanor. He loves to go out and meet and talk to others and is curious about all things in the world and wishes to protect others no matter who they are from those who wish harm upon them.
BackgroundReared in a low middle class family in the empire of Minnesota in the United Kingdoms of America, D. Dan has had a normal life. He is academic by nature but also wishes to protect others and thus begins training as a knight at a university in the kingdom of Georgia. He is soon to become graduated and is to set out soon on a year long quest to visit various cities and their famous temples and shrines and do tests with other knights on a pilgrim's journey for graduation. Only so many are capable of finishing the quest to graduate due to the tests that differ in each area and weed out those unable to be knights in such events as trials and duels with other want to be knights. The journey to the great cities are also tests due to the hazards along the way like rogues, highwaymen, monsters and agents of evil and the people and creatures of magic and technology they command. Along the way he meets others to travel with from other schools, cities and countries and become friends and allies on common goals and destinations.
LikesPizza, Diet Coke, Chocolate, Reading, Coins and Video Games.
DislikesPoliticians, Dark Magic (his light magic is weak to this), those who wish harm on others and smoking.
LocationKingdom of Georgia in the Duchy of Augusta under the reign of Crown Princess Augusta Tudor III.
OccupationKnight in Training major at the Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences of Augusta.
Additional InfoHas a hidden 'Wake Up' ability to become more powerful and sprout angelic wings due to distant royal ancestry where an emperor had a child with an angel of protection. Has nine levels of this power with each power adding a pair of wings. The highest power level of nine has D. Dan have nine pairs of wings and essentially becomes ascended and enlightened.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteSubject appears to be dead. Likely cause of death, murder ... by me.

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