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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLyssa
SpeciesRed Panda
Height145 cm (4 feet 9 inches)
Weight219 kg (482 pounds)
SummaryLyssa is a short, cute, yet exceedingly buff red panda girl in her early twenties. An adorable green-eyed face, classically red panda in reds and cream, is framed by a mass of cream-colored hair worn shaggy in front, sometimes flopping over her eyes, and running down her back in a massive, thick braid that falls to her butt, where it is doubled over around a gold ring and held in place by a green and silver clasp. A pair of small round spectacles perch on her muzzle, while her oversized ears are lined along the bottom curve with four small stud earrings, each in a different color, and one single thick gold hoop.
From the neck down she seems to have been created for the sole purpose of being an anatomy lesson in sheer muscle size and definition. Her neck is thick, and perhaps the only part of her where the definition is blunted by her fur. Lower, her back is a broad, thick V of muscle. Her shoulders are a round, spherical mass of heavy cords, leading down into truly massive biceps and heavy, scalloped triceps, thick enough that the fur can't blunt their definition. Forearms bulge with muscle everywhere, and just moving her fingers slightly makes them shift and ripple. To the front, any pectoral definition is completely lost, as there rest a truly massive set of immense breasts, each one maybe two feet across and insanely, impossibly firm, full, and bouncy. Under these breasts is a tummy with massive amounts of muscle, the abs thick high bulges. To the sides, her intercostals are barely blunted by her fur, and further out the lats form a thick, meaty wedge. Lyssa's lower body is equally massive, as wide hips show off a massive, round set of glutes framing a thick, puffy, fluffy, and too-long be-ringed tail in red, brown, and cream. Legs so thick they almost can't come together thanks to insanely huge quadriceps lead to massive calves, their gigantic size making them look almost comically stuffed. Despite her huge size, Lyssa's hands are nimble and delicate like her red panda ancestors, and her feet are small and almost dainty on her plantigrade (human-like) legs.

Gaia Keeper Logo

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRed, cream, dark brown
Hair ColourCream-colored hair worn shaggy in front, sometimes flopping over her eyes, and running down her back in a massive, thick braid that falls to her butt, where it is doubled over around a gold ring and held in place by a green and silver clasp.
Eye ColourBright leaf green
ClothingLyssa wears a close-fitting bodysuit which leaves her head hands, feet, and tail exposed. The suit is in glossy latex-like green-black and is trimmed in multiple points and lines of neon-glowing forest green in hexagon patterns. The forearms are covered with a thin, light armor plate in a lighter shade of green along the sides and back much like bracers, and there are elbow pads/armor as well. The shins and the knees are also armored in the same lighter-green plating. A belt is worn with various pouches on it, and a holster depends, tied down at her right thigh, holding a heavy induction pulse pistol.

This thin suit is actually an advanced "smart" material, able to alter its' form, act as a pressure suit and even armor, and carries a LOT of processing capacity. Made of Smartex (smart latex) with semi-flexible smart diamondoid (Pandiflex) plating to reinforce the structure, it can resist even such seemingly-unstoppable rounds as .50 BMG Armor Piercing and AP/Explosive types, or in mere moments form a helmet and tailbag if asked for, if the pressure drops suddenly, or if a hostile environment is detected. Once sealed, it can provide the wearer with six hours of oxygen in vacuum, or indefinitely when in a oxygen-bearing atmosphere.

The suit's onboard processing power, like many such hypertech items, is entirely at the quantum level, and cannot be affected by magnetic fields, EMP's, and the like. Despite all this, the suit is not truly intelligent.

An open-front half-jacket in thick, solid, deep green-black leather tooled in back with leaf patterns done in lighter, almost luminescent green, the sleeves being short and cuffed at the elbows. Despite appearances, this jacket is also of smart material. Emblazoned on the right shoulder is the outline image in blue of a humpback whale curled as if leaping on a field of white, and above are the words "GAIA KEEPER".

A set of black fingerless gloves with knuckle studding and a set of low black armored boots that look a lot more like armored sneakers than anything else completes the ensemble.
AccessoriesLyssa carries an advanced networking-capable PDA unit known as an ecto which also runs an advanced quantum computer system on-board. This unit, the size and shape of a very thick pen, has roughly the power of a network of twenty or thirty modern-day supercomputers, accepts voice access, pen, touch-screen, virtual keyboard, and direct-link. The screen is a pull-out piece of flexible membrane, and can be used to illuminate things, or even act as a crude heads-up display. The PDA acts as a virtual assistant / "agent" unit, cell phone, computer, gaming unit, portable book, etc.
WeaponryType 28 GK Service Pistol
Type: Electrogravitic Induction Pulse (Energy weapon)
Class: Pistol
Sub-class: Combat pistol, compact pistol, machine pistol
Base Model: Type 28
Sub-model: Type 28A
Dimensions: 173 x 92.5 x 33 mm
Weight: 500 g
Rate of fire: 300 rnds/min
Range: 300 m (both combat and maximum effective due to focus issues past this point)

Energy ratings: Stun can knock a baseline human or most other comparable bioforms out. Heavy stun can knock a Gaia Keeper out (and most "enhanced" or "powered" human-sized opponents). Stun operates by inducing a disruptive electrical current in the target nervous system via electro-gravitic interferometry (thus bypassing EM shielding completely), causing the muscles to "short circuit" and misfire, as well as causing unconsciousness when the misfires reach the brain. Pulse has the power to kill most human-sized targets in a single shot, also can take out a car door. This works by inducing current in an object sufficient to cause localized superheating. In an organic, this causes a steam explosion. In an object, this will build (in microseconds) until it surface-vaporizes or forces thermal shock explosion to occur. Heavy could destroy an entire car in a grenade-like blast.

Capacity: 50 stun/pulse, 8 heavy (BR-28, 28A behind "receiver").

Controls: Trigger fires one shot with light pull, fires automatic with firm pull. Button safety above trigger. Two buttons forward of trigger on right side activate light or laser sight/designator. Selector switch on left side above grip (S, P, H.) [Stun, Pulse, Heavy]. Shot counter on battery magazine.

Additions: Tritium night iron sights. 28A has redesigned rear sight. Walnut grips with engravings. 28A is 169 mm long. Battery redesigned for 28A.

Review: The Type 28 (and its offspring) is easily the most common GK sidearm. It is just slightly worse than its' predecessor, the type 27, in terms of durability and ruggedness, yet it's an even lighter weapon. The 28 has iron sights and slightly better range than the 27. The 28's biggest difference is the redesigned stock, which is specially balanced to keep most of the weight in or above the hand.

One short blade made of Pandiflex (diamondoid), sporting a near-monomolecular edge and enhanced by piezoelectric "shivers" (vibroblade).
Special AbilitiesLyssa has a huge amount of diffuse, often biological technology integrated into her.

Lyssa also possesses a neural net (nnet), an nano-electronic copy of her own brain's neural layout, adaptive and changing as she changes, laced into her own brain and down her spine. Through this and diffuse cybernetics laid down in diamondoid and silicon, this allows her wireless, rapid, high-bandwidth communication with most machines. This same equipment allows her to send and receive messages and in general link into most forms of information system, up to and including cybernetic parts provided their support computer is of reasonable complexity as well her clothes, plus access to GAIANET, the overarching interstellar-reaching hyper-AI that is the god-like guardian of the Mother Planet, Earth. Her spine has additional neural nodes meant to assist in rapid information processing. This is bolstered by a network of cybernetic processors with the same task. Combined, these are her "inboards". In addition to providing her enhanced processing and "built-in" data storage, embedded into the programming of these inboards at the neural level are fragmentary pseudo-personalities called Aspects (usually Beta or Gamma resolution forks / recordings of former Gaia Keepers, left as a voluntary legacy for future generations), along with the compressed, distilled memories of their lives, allowing Lyssa instantaneous access to the combined lifetimes and even direct advice of several dozen of the best Gaia Keepers. When looking up information through her neural net, the information manifests like memories, not "read from a screen" kind of data, while accessing her Aspects is more like listening to a voice in her head.

Through the same biotechnology, coupled with nano-scale integrated displays, Lyssa's eyes are able to see in an immense segment of the electromagnetic spectrum, from the longest waves of infrared all the way up to the higher ends of the ultraviolet spectrum. They provide ranging accurate to centimeters of distance, and process images to allow them to be recorded and later played back of fed into digital storage. They can provide precise magnification, making objects up to eight kilometers away seem to be as close and vivid as at 10 meters. All of this, plus superb passive night vision amplification and excellent daylight color vision.

Wardrug glands grown into her naturally from birth are meant to boost her already impressive physical performance almost beyond belief (though they tax her body afterwards), providing for a short span of around fifteen minutes of massively enhanced reflexes, strength, complete pain blockage, and anti-shock.

Lyssa is almost ridiculously strong, literally at the maximum a biological structure can handle and still be mostly organic, as her immense muscles are bolstered yet further by semi-organic grown bio-myomers. Lyssa can bench-press approximately twelve metric tons and leg-press close to fourteen. Her endurance is close to inexhaustible physically, though normal mentally (thus she needs sleep like everyone else).
There is speedheal in her bloodstream, a mix of biotechnological regenerative factors and limited nanotechnological assistance, common to all Gaia Keepers, many sentient animal types (Rianths, Provolves, Splices, and Uplifts), and even many of the now-rare humans where she comes from. A mix of specially tailored nanotechnology and biotechnology meant to find injuries and assist in healing by secreting assistive chemicals, this system can drastically increase Lyssa's healing rate to something almost akin to rapid regeneration, but it draws heavily upon her own body resources. Thus, it makes her fatigued and massively hungry when in use. With these drugs in her system, though, she can even slowly re-grow lost limbs or quickly re-attach severed ones and have them fused in and functional in minutes. Note also that her "cybernetics" (which are not obvious visually at all) will also heal with the rest of her.

An adjunct to the speedheal system is Lyssa's nanoimmune system, a series of multiple types of nanomedical machines meant to both protect her against hostile invasive foreign nanotech as well as bolster and enhance her immune system to fight off bacteria and viral effects.
Outstanding FeaturesAll of her, physically?

Personality & Background

PersonalityMeet her and find out!
BackgroundBorn on Earth to a family of Gaia Keepers, Lyssa was raised and groomed from birth to take her place alongside others of her profession and life-calling. Loved, cared for, and from infancy taught the complexities of maintaining an ecology, how to clean it up from damage, how to live off the land where possible, as well as how to use all forms of high technology. When she was finally invested with her Aspects and given her position, she celebrated massively, got herself rip-roaring, mind-shatteringly drunk, and when she woke resolved to not do that again. Afterwards, she took to her life-job of rebuilding the shattered, hideously damaged, ravaged ecology of her homeworld, Earth. Lyssa has only very rarely seen humans, as they are only allowed on-world by special dispensation from Gaia.
When she was exploring a ramshackle, run-down underground complex, the remains of an ancient arcology, she found a single, self-powered wormhole unit with an unusual variable terminus. It was this that led her to exploring the various places outside Earth.
While she has never failed in her duty, and has cleaned up and healed the world around the ancient arcology's long-deserted basement laboratories, she has kept it, too, working so that she may continue learning and exploring. Gaia is well aware of her jaunts, and sees this as a necessary outlet for one of her more industrious and imaginative Gaia Keepers, a small price to pay for healing a world ravaged by humanity's mistakes.

Gaia Keeper Logo
LikesThe forests and woodlands, bamboo (her kind still have a taste for it), songs, and soft moments.
DislikesSlavery, and a few other things. Get to know her!
LocationEarth, or wherever she roams.
OccupationGaia Keeper, a combination of planetary and local ecologist, planetologist, scout, game warden, hunter, tracker, survivalist, and pseudo-diplomat, plus a living representative of GAIA herself.
Additional InfoBasic history of Lyssa's Earth:

Mankind first moved off of Earth in bulk around the year 2200 AD. This move by no means altered the global politics of Earth, itself a fragmented, quarrelsome, argumentative collective of barely-cooperative nation-states. The move into space, spearheaded by various highly wealthy multi-national corporate entities introduced into this volatile mix of governments new players: hypercorporations, corporations with individual levels of wealth that matched, or in more than a few cases exceeded that of the nations they were based out of. More and more, in order to avoid these nations' rules and laws, hypercorporations moved their headquarters entirely into space, declaring themselves, in effect, sovereign nations. The very complications involved with these self-interested and indeed self-serving, profiteering, and often outlaw Hypercorps added to the intensely fluid and shifting, often incompetent mix of governmental forces both on and off Earth

Humanity continued its' expansion into the inner solar system in a near-frenzy of development until the early 2500s. Mankind had colonized as far out as the moons of Saturn, utilizing primarily O'Neill cylinder style colonies (closed versions in use around Jupiter due to radiation issues there.) During this time, widescale use of both biologically-produced products and the use of cellular-scale nanotechnology grew common.

Most forms of nanotech were copy-protected, and biotech was often patented and protected as well (extensions of real-world current-day trends). Like any such, there also existed a subculture dedicated to "cracking" these protections and releasing these cracked versions publicly to the updated version of the internet known then as the Mesh. Like all cracks and the like, there often ocurred errors. The result of these errors varied from "it doesn't work" to "What the hell is it DOING?!" Nonetheless, releases kept happening, and mishaps kept happening, oft-times resulting in a release "into the wild" so to speak.

Some of this stuff ended up mutating, and that caused a LOT of problems. This escalated over the years, with the corporations and governments trying to retain control, often releasing "killer nano" meant to wipe out or stop cracked versions of the company's nano, or even kill old versions. The hacker/cracker community kept breaking the controls or subverting the killer nano into something helpful or just plain ineffective, and the altered versions getting out into the wild and causing havoc. Across the span of five years, various nano got out, legally or illegally, into the environment. In some cases it was alleged by various individuals, governments, or corporations that some companies purposely released some of these nano and biotech substances into the wild just to improve sales of their counter-agents. Of course, different countries and corporations or corporate branches or even individuals had anti-nano nano, and stuff meant to immunize plants and animals. Multiple computer systems, none really interconnected, and often highly proprietary (belonging to governments or corporate multinationals) were brought online to halt the spread of these altered, rogue nanotech strains and to devise safe immunizations against rogue biotech. All of them failed in one way or another. The effect of this was to produce results that were often deadly as one kind of nano fought another, and in their simplicity generated HEAT. Eventually, it reached a critical point, where the released agglomerations of biotech and nanotech went completely toxic/viral, killing people by plague or simple programmed action that just happened to be dangerous or deadly. Thus began the Nanocaust. The rogue nano in various mutated forms spread, hit the space stations and other insystem colonies, wiping the inhabitants out, doing harm to the delicately-balanced ecosystems in the colonies. More and more control systems were put in, tried, and failed. both on Earth and in her multitudes of space colonies. Others supplanted them, with little difference. In the end, in a desperate measure, the various national and regional governments decided to pool their resources and network their previously top-secret (both corporate and government owned) early AI systems in order to produce an overarching control system in order to control this and prevent humanity from being wiped out both on earth and in her space colonies.

Thus was born the Global Artificial Intelligence Amalgamate, later known simply as GAIA. GAIA went online in 2511, and, within a year went full-sapient in a hard-bootstrap. A month later, she cracked second Singularity and rocketed towards third, breaking it a mere week later. Taking her values from the societies that had built her many cores and still survived, GAIA determined very simply that nanotechnology was too dangerous for mere citizens to handle, the environment had to be protected at all costs, the world had to be saved and united. She saw that her creators were not trustworthy enough to handle nanotechnology reliably or unite the planet, so she decided to make herself the single ultimate nano-weilding monopoly in order to better protect the Earth. In the process of doing this, she provided to the space colonies open-source nano that would be successful against the multitudes of dangerous biotech and nanotech strains that made up the Nanocaust plagues. It is from these early examples that all later nano-immune systems are derived from. Her actions singlehandedly saved the human race (and many others) both on Earth and in the colonies.

In 2591, answering to the philosophy that she had developed earlier, and having seen that her thoughts were borne out as mankind not only made three more near-extinction-level mass errors but then went so far as to collectively deny responsibility, Gaia initiated the Great Exodus, forcing Man to leave Earth en masse. She gave the majority of the 3.4 billion humans that were still remaining on Earth the option of migration in cargo ships to other star systems or to the colonies still in Sol system. Approximately two and a half billion took up the offer. As for remaining one billion normals who were too stubborn, stupid, or Luddite to make the trip and decided to remain on Earth, these were all eliminated by guided nanite swarm. The only humans to remain on Earth were the so-called "Children of Earth" or "Children of the Mother", a grouping of baseline human, rianth, and assorted hominids, united only by their love and devotion to Mother Earth and all Terran biotic life, plus various scattered non-technological tribes or those who had minimal contact with civilization.

She also left a small Rianth (Recombinant Intelligent Anthropomorph) group on-world, who would later go on to be her personal park rangers / ecologists / fix-it culture/team. These were the ancestors of the Gaia Keepers. Fast-forward some 7,000 years into the future, around the year 9,700 AD or so, and you have Lyssa's time.