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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDaithean
SpeciesFae Dragon
AgeSeemingly in his 20s
Weight140lbs (the tail adds a lot)
SummaryDaithean is a fae dragon - small, strange and very magical. He's slender to the point of effeminate - a girly boi - and almost neutral in gender in appearance but beautiful for it.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPurple skin - hide and not scales - covered in multicoloured tattoos done in a style somewhere between tribal and celtic patterns. They all glow faintly with their own inner light.
Hair ColourBleached dreadlocks, down to the small of his back.
Eye ColourVivid green.
ClothingUsually a tight, white t-shirt and baggy blue jeans. These change a lot, and he is inclined to fishnet clothing in neon colours.
AccessoriesLots and lots of bangles, bracelets and necklaces. Cheap, plastic and neon coloured ones are his favourite, glowing ones all the better.
WeaponryNatural teeth and claws. His breath is also laced with pheromones that calm and sedate those who inhale them.
Special AbilitiesIncredibly magical, being a creature born of magic and technical one of the fairy folk but also draconic, and gifted with their ferocious tenacity for the arcane arts. He has full control over his own size and appearance, and can also grant the wishes of anyone he wants - with a price.
Outstanding FeaturesHis tail is exceptionally long - twenty feet in total - and his paws are large for his scale too.

Personality & Background

PersonalityPleasant and easy going, but can be wound up very easily and prone to mood swings.
BackgroundAn inhabitant of Fae, he lives in a world that overlaps all other worlds. He's both mortal and fairy, being the descendant of dragons that slipped into the magic realms over time. As fae is not truly a place on it's own, being dependant on the world for shape, his world is shape by the real world. While the traditional fae exist in the woods and the wilds, many have adapted to the new places of civilisation - Daithean is a creature of nightclubs and dance floors, of music and drugs and celebration and indulgence. He has one foot in the magical world and one foot in the material realm, and this shows in his whole being. It should be noted that his favourite food are fairies, and happily and eagerly devours them.
LikesGames, puzzles, conversations about strange things.
DislikesWeapons and fighting, dullness, overly serious.