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Vital Statistics!

Character NameChismasya
Height11.7 feet (explained below)
SummaryChismasya is a hybridization of an octopus and a human female. At the hips, tan meets black, so that a 'v' of human skin dips downwards, separating her body into lower and upper segments. The former is squamous, whipping, efficacious mass of tentacles extending from Chismasya's pelvis, each 10 feet in length. Each thick tendril is identical in reach, girth, and strength, a glossy, dark blue on the upper half and a fleshier red on the bottom. A number of puckers line the length of the appendages, coupled in horizontal pairs, their radius varying in smooth increase and decrease along its length. Her upper segment (torso) is a relatively normal, four-foot-tall young woman, pale and lithe from days underwater. Her hair is brunette and shoulder-length, usually kept in a pony tail to keep it out of her face. In her youth, the girl's skin is smooth and unblemished, her eyes hazel but bright, and her nose always flushed and wriggling. Presently, her only protection is a tattered, brown loincloth swaddling her hips, and another wrapped around her chest.