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January 20, 2019, 08:33:46 AM
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The first picture, done by a friend. Probably still the best!

Vital Statistics!

Character NameBenjiBat
SpeciesBat of the fruity variety
Height5 foot 10 inches
WeightWhat weight?
SummaryJust a bat. And nothing else! *vague motions*

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourNothing special, just brown. A little lighter around his ample chestfuzz! :D
Hair ColourAlso brown! But darker. As the metros would call it: Mocha!
Eye ColourGreeeeeeeeen <3
ClothingIn a perfect world, none! But some nice jeans work wonders. Not deliberately skinny ones though, he's not -that- gay.
AccessoriesNone that -you- get to see.
WeaponryHis own flailing prowess!
Special AbilitiesTidying! And bendiness.
Outstanding FeaturesHaving no outstanding features to speak of.

Personality & Background

PersonalityIf you're here, you must have spoken to me before in some way. Surely you know this by now! :D
BackgroundThe Ubuntu 8.10 default. OHWAIT.
LikesFoooooooooood. And related to this, his fast metabolism! Also: leezards and the colour green.
DislikesThe fact that 'colour' is being flagged up as incorrectly spelt. Also: being upside-down, flying insects and the thought of flying!
LocationNear that big airport. You know, the one that's taking the land away from the people who nobody cares about? :D
OccupationStudent. With extra STUD :D

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