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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLivian
SummaryLivian*left* and Gairunn*right*

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLivian: White tan skin, white scaly tail, purple fur. Gairunn: All purple furry feathers
Hair ColourPink hair
Eye ColourBlue eye right brown eyes left.
ClothingToo much details.
AccessoriesWhite ribbons on both side of her ears, white ribbon on her chest, and on tail.
WeaponrySword and her guardian wing dragon Gairunn
Special AbilitiesLivian is best strongest at Dark magic, her holy magic is her second strongest, while rest of of the elements are good but not as good as those two.

Gairunn has sharp teeth, he doesn't like being touch, and he's a biter. However Gairunn can change how sharp his teeth to a dog bite to a very sharp as the saber tooth tiger. He even takes control of Livian and turn into his natural body for a short period of time but if stays somewhat longer he goes out of control but when it is over he turns back to his purple wing form and give Livian's body back..

Outstanding FeaturesAs Gairunn becomes active he drains Livian's energy making her constantly tired, even when Gairunn goes berserk she would remain unconscious for 3 days until she regain her consciousnesses.

Gairunn and Livian are both connected, or linked. They couldn't be without each other or they will die.

Personality & Background

PersonalityLivian: Kind, shy, quiet, silent, sweet, gentle, curious Gairun: Short tempered, touchy, aggressive, yet calm.
LikesAnimals, nice people, wind, and orcids.
DislikesEvil people, imposters, or people who accuses her.