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Vital Statistics!

Character NameBlizzard
SpeciesAnthro Articuno
Height6 feet, 2 inches
Weight185 pounds

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourThe azure feathers of the bird of ice are strewn throughout his body, as well as the white fluff on his chest. Meanwhile, his beak and talons are slate blue.
Hair ColourThe closest thing to hair that he has is the triple-sapphire crest of Articuno. Otherwise, he only has feathers for hair.
Eye ColourSteel blue
ClothingMost often seen in a black, short-sleeved shirt and long brown pants - but sometimes is seen wearing Articuno-colored clothing - royal blue, ice blue and white instead.
AccessoriesNo accessories, save for a black sheath on his right side...
WeaponryInside the sheath itself is a sword seemingly entirely crafted of pure ice, with a pair of spread wings depicted on the hilt of the blade.
Special AbilitiesBeing a Chosen of Articuno, Blizzard holds the control over ice that one would expect from the bird - as well as significant experience and skill on the wing. The sword isn't just for show, either, as a viable question is whether he's more skilled with the blade than with his ice.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHis steely eyes may give the impression that he's a cold-spirited person, but it's all the contrary - he's had to open up recently, and while it's little problem to continue the hunt for justice that he used to in the day - opening up to allies, and gaining friendship, meanwhile, has not been the easiest thing. Much remains rather unknown.
BackgroundBlizzard doesn't speak of his distant past, nor does he remember the times before he became a Chosen of Articuno well. Since then, however, he was nothing but a lost soul, getting into fights fairly often until he would meet Shayna, a female anthropomorphic Ho-oh shaman, and while becoming allied with her was hard at first, mainly due to her hard-headed Rapidash stallion, he would manage to earn a job and an ally, by acting as her bodyguard. Such travels lasted for a very extended period of time, and Blizzard had developed a sense of friendship with the Rainbow Phoenix's Chosen - but today, they appear to be separated - the reasons why well hidden by the ice-bird.
LikesPeaceful days, flying, and occasional nights looking at the moon
DislikesFighting for no reason, racism, hot places, betrayal
LocationConstant wanderer - doesn't stay in the same place for long.
OccupationOccasional mercenary, though is rather picky with his work.
Additional InfoHas been macro-sized a few times in the past due to outside circumstances, and while not used to the feeling of massive growth as much as some people are, appears to enjoy the feeling. Has also been micro-sized once as well, and doesn't speak of that experience often.