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Vital Statistics!

Character NameShari
WeightPlayer isn

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHer skin is a light/sea blue color. Skin feeling slightly rubbery, slightly like a snakes scales, without the bumps.
Hair ColourDark Blue
Eye ColourYellow
ClothingShari wears a long, ankle length purple dress. The dress itself is a somewhat light shade of purple, to compliment her skintone, and the trim of the dress is silver. The back straps of her dress reach around and connect to a 2in diameter silver ring in front, over her chest. There's a slit in the left side of the dress that reaches to about Mid-thigh.
AccessoriesShari doesn't wear much in terms of accessories, except for a pair of silver bangles on her wrists, and a pair on her ankles.
Special AbilitiesSize shifting abilities - Shari can easily alter her own size and proportions. She can do so with concentration, magic, or even if she comes in contact with water, and absorbs it [consciously, it's not automatically absorb all water sources.] Slight water control - She can play with and shift about water she's come in contact with, or, with some sacrifice to her size, pull some from reserves to play with. She cannot make it rain or anything like that, but if it is raining, she pretty much as free control over the area around her.
Outstanding FeaturesBeing a pokemorph, a Vaporeon might be one. That being said, she also has a fairly curvy and voluptous figure. Also, as per her kind, she has the long ear fins, the fin atop her head, and the fin neck mane like collar deal.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShari is fairly modest girl, she likes the company of others as well as meeting new people. She's typically playful and likes to mess around or tease. Though she blushes and tends to be a bit modest about her appearance.
LikesShari enjoys snuggling, meeting new people, hanging out, playing games, teasing, water, swimming, rain [though not always getting caught in it]. She likes to watch thunderstorms[From the safety of her home], television, enjoys video games as well.
DislikesShe's typically an understanding girl, but if there's something she doesn't like, she''l let you know.