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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTavin Thistleswitch
Height3ft 9in
Weight85 lbs
SummaryIf you aren't familiar with Kender then read this http://www.kencyclopedia.com/kender/general/kenderdl3e.cfm?page=dl3ekendergeneraldesc

Outward Appearance

Hair ColourDark Brown
Eye ColourPale Blue
ClothingHe wears simple breeches, a homespun tunic, and a pair of hand-stitched soft leather shoes. His breeches are held up by suspenders festooned with pouches.
AccessoriesThieves' tools, colorful feathers, a perfectly round pebble, a silver spoon, a small tin bell, 3 1/2 feet of string, a waterskin, and a leather map case stuffed with maps
Weaponrya Hoopak (a combination bullet sling and quarterstaff sized for a Kender) and a dagger
Special AbilitiesEnrage others by verbal abuse, immunity to fear, curious about everything (a tendency that often gets him into trouble)
Outstanding FeaturesTavin's small height, slight build, and childlike face make him appear to be a fourteen-year-old, but in truth he is twenty-four. His pale blue eyes continueally glint with fun and mischief. Tavin's long dark brown hair is caught up in a topknot, revealing pointed ears.

Personality & Background

PersonalityTavin's most endearing - and frustrating - characteristic is his insatiable curiosity and fearlessness. These traits often get him into trouble. His curiosity frequently drives him to see what other people have in their pockets and packs, and he can easily forget that he has "borrowed" a particular item. He collects odds and ends - he will never pass up a chance to acquire a map of any description - and often surprises himself with what he has in his pockets. He loves legends, songs, and stories, and collects riddles, puzzles, and enigmas as avidly as he collects maps. His map collection is varied and mostly useless as many of them are pre-Cataclysm. He is likely to collect a map for its beauty as for its usefulness. Although it is hard to get a kender depressed (because of his fearlessness), Tavin is saddened by death and destruction, and can be in awe of anything truly magnificent. His fearlessness does not keep him from being logical about danger, though his curiosity can sometimes overcome his reason.
BackgroundTavin was born in the city of Hylo on the island of Northern Ergoth, the only son of two adventurious Kender who had traveled all over Ansalon. He was raised by his parents for the first year of his life, but then the wanderlust overcame them again and he was left in the care of his Aunt and Uncle. They were never seen again. He had the normal life of a young Kender though, and left home at the age of 18 because an uncontrollable urge to travel and "make the great map of every land" overcame him. Tavin spent years traveling around the continent of Ansalon and even joined up with a team of adventurers. But a month ago he found a magic ring in a wizard's tower (the wizard wasn't in, but he was kind enough to leave only one lock on his door for easy entrence). Putting the thing on just to see how it would look on him Tavin was surprised when he found himself transported to a land he had never been in before. Rather than be concerned, Tavin was thrilled. Here was a new land for him to map out, with new people to meet, new things to experience, and new objects to borrow in it. He was as thrilled as a Kender can be, and immediately set out to explore it and make new friends.
Occupation"Handler" (the word "thief" is considered impolite to Kender)

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteTurn back? Now? But we don't know what's on the next floor!