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Two appearances - same wolf

Vital Statistics!

Character NameUK / Óche Bàisteach
Age3 and a half wolf years
Height.80 meters at the shoulder
Weight83 lbs
SummaryAn average wolf in most respects aside from the "accessories" and obvious interchangeable appearance.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPure white OR black & dark violet.
Hair ColourIn anthro form usually long purple hair.
Eye ColourBright blue. Iris in Óche is dark blue instead of black.
ClothingBlack t-shirt. Black jeans. Sometimes a black hoodie.
AccessoriesChain attached to left side of jeans. Silver 'heartagram' pendant on a chain hanging from right side of jeans. Heartagram silver necklace. Nightwish cross necklace. Rose quartz on a black string necklace. Black collar with pearlescent tag on it. Neon green collar with pearlescent tag on it. Pinky-purple/green/blue glowstick on a string.
WeaponryUsually nothing but has been known to have a sword on a rare occasion.
Special AbilitiesCan change appearance from a pure white wolf to a black and purple wolf. Same with feral and anthro.
Outstanding Features"Óche" has eyes with a dark blue iris instead of black. "UK's" claws, mouth and pawpads are purple. "Óche's" claws and mouth are neon green.

Personality & Background

PersonalityUsually happy and cheerful, likes a joke but also gets depressed from time to time. VERY shy.
BackgroundUnknown. Thought to have some form of Celtic history.
LikesCandy and chocolate. Music. Art & drawing. Walking in the woods. Watching movies.
DislikesDrama. Most vegetables. Insects. Birds. Nuts.
LocationDevon. England. United Kingdom.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteWell that worked like a dream didn't it?

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